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Submission + - SPAM: Free Univention Corporate Server Core Edition for Business

Marevoula writes: As of today, the Linux Enterprise distribution Univention Corporate Server is freely available for business use without the need to buy maintenance services. The new UCS Core Edition replaces the previous "free for personal use“ license, which was for private use only.

UCS is an easy-to-use server solution for the cross-location, cross-platform and central management of server and desktop systems with its integrated infrastructure and identity management system. Other outstanding features are Active Directory functions for integration or migration from Microsoft Windows and the App Center, which allows administrators to use UCS freely as a platform for the management of a large number of enterprise applications — on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

More information on UCS including download possibilities via Univention's blog

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Comment Re:Not only that... (Score 1) 264

you can't mix up private use with business use. If you use Debian, Kubuntu, CentOS etc you will always have a maintained OS for years. You don't have to pay for updates if you use them on your private computer. In business you don't want to update your users desktop that often. People don't like changes ;-) But you don't have to consider Linux on the Desktop, stay with MS, just change your server OS. People won't remark it and you will get much more possibilites in using different software =) Or just expand your MS environment with OpenSource software. There are millions of possibilities to make a admins life easier :-D

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