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Submission + - Massive Cyberattack Hits South Korea (

An anonymous reader writes: A suspected cyberattack on Wednesday appeared to target South Korean banks and broadcasters. Suspicion immediately fell on North Korea, which has recently renewed threats to go to war with the South amid rising tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons and missile testing and international efforts to stop them.

South Korea's military stepped up its cyberdefense efforts in response to the widespread outages, which hit nine companies, the semiofficial Yonhap News Agency reported, citing the National Police Agency. Government computer networks did not seem to be affected, Yonhap cited the National Computing and Information Agency as saying. A joint team from government, the military and private industry was responding, a presidential spokeswoman said.


Submission + - Possible Cyber Attack Against South Korean Banks and TV Stations (

B3ryllium writes: "At least four broadcasters and two banks in South Korea are reporting massive computer accessibility issues, saying that their networks are 'paralyzed' by what looks like a cyber attack. Additional reports from Twitter suggest that hundreds of computers in the country powered off simultaneously at 2:20am, and reported "Boot device not found" errors. South Korea's military has upgraded its "Information Operation Condition (INFOCOM)" level from Level 4 to Level 3 in response to this situation."

Comment Re:Blame hacking by default (Score 1) 103

I think the reason is that if you say it is an hacker or a virus, your manager will accept the answer (maybe because he decreased the security budget and starts thinking its his fault), whereas if you say it was an human error the finger pointing is starting really fast and people are afraid of that and trying to postpone the problem (or it maybe going away completely unrecognized as an human error).

Submission + - Kim Jong Il died ( 1

Megaflux writes: That will be an interesting time, as that could change a lot in Korea

Comment Diseases (Score 1) 722

Actually I wanted to call my server once after diseases, like herpes, Alzheimer, caries,... But my colleagues found it political incorrect. In the end: desktops = girls name (it's always to use them) servers = forest, mountain Goindg with Sandy to forrest ...

Comment Treat them as you like to be treaded (Score 1) 842

Just treat the others as you also like to be treated. Don't annoy people, try not too hard to bring always input into something where it doesn't make sense. Nothing is more annoying then somebody that always needs to say something to every topic. Also always keep in mind that your coworker maybe do things another way as you learned, try it first out before you say it is crap. In simple words: Be a nice guy, try to help and work hard.

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