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Comment Re:Less than 30? (Score 1) 264

1. Teach your Girlfriend how to text. No seriously! She'll love it! Then they start using that thing called twitter and following all the famous people they like so much and you never have to deal with them calling you again, or discussing the latest rumor mill, or who is dating who, and all that BS!

2. Get your mom some e-mail! I trained my mother by responding to her voicemails via e-mail. She now knows to e-mail me if she wants a quicker response.

If you don't mind talking on the phone, then ignore these suggestions. I have better things to do than to re-arrange my day for a silly call from my mom asking if the latest e-mail chain is true or not, or that my girlfriends co-worker was playing solitaire all day while she did hard work.

Comment Re:Big Brother? Not Quite. (Score 1) 425

Where do you live that they haven't done this already?? The local schools haven't had soda served in them in the last 7 years at least, along with candy. you can only buy "healthy Juice", milk and bottled water. They also have "healthy" muffins and fruit salads you can buy from machines.

I don't see why this is such a big deal either... I live in north dakota, and the school district here implemented this back in 1995? My parents would check to see what I bought to see if I was buying extra food when I wasn't supposed to (sure enough i got caught buying a 2nd slice of pizza).

How have these schools been doing this for so long without such a system??

Comment Re:This is one place Apple has it right (Score 1) 597

Then why don't you buy a car with no logo's?? If they want to sell the car they'll do it. Last 2 cars I've bought I've told them if they want to sell it, to remove all their billboard advertising from the car including the annoying paper license plate place holders

Heck I've had them remove pin-striping before I would buy it. I de-badged my pickup of all forms of brand (You could still tell it was an S10 by its shape) on the outside with the addition of a billet grill that I wanted..

Have you ever ASKED them to remove it?

Comment Just last week (Score 1) 505

I was ironically thinking about this the other week when I had to go hunt some down. The Theatre I volunteer in has a light board (Manufactured in 2006) that still uses floppy disc's to save the show data. The same company used Floppy disc's for their architectural settings up until a year or so ago also.

I was lucky enough to find a 5 pack on clearance of course at the local mom and pop computer store... it was the last one... Gonna have to search for a few more containers, as this board isn't going to go anywhere anytime soon.

Open Source

Myst Online: Uru Live Returns As Free-To-Play 58

agrif writes "Shorah b'shemtee! Uru Live has been released for free, as a first step towards opening its source. This game, an MMO released by the makers of Myst and Riven in 2003, has been canceled, zombified, resurrected, canceled again, and is now about to be released as open source to its dedicated fan base. Massively has written a brief newbie guide if you're unfamiliar with the game."

Game Endings Going Out of Style? 190

An article in the Guardian asks whether the focus of modern games has shifted away from having a clear-cut ending and toward indefinite entertainment instead. With the rise of achievements, frequent content updates and open-ended worlds, it seems like publishers and developers are doing everything they can to help this trend. Quoting: "Particularly before the advent of 'saving,' the completion of even a simple game could take huge amounts of patience, effort and time. The ending, like those last pages of a book, was a key reason why we started playing in the first place. Sure, multiplayer and arcade style games still had their place, but fond 8, 16 and 32-bit memories consist more of completion and satisfaction than particular levels or tricky moments. Over the past few years, however, the idea of a game as simply something to 'finish' has shifted somewhat. For starters, the availability of downloadable content means no story need ever end, as long as the makers think there's a paying audience. Also, the ubiquity of broadband means multiplayer gaming is now the standard, not the exception it once was. There is no real 'finish' to most MMORPGs."

Comment Re:You're Computin' for a Shootin' Mister (Score 1) 370

So, if he's looking for this form of technology for their servers, why doesn't he just be like google and roll his own if he isn't happy with what the other offerings are? Is he just lazy and feels like complaining?

If I can't find a solution to an issue I normally try and find my own solution instead of standing around complaining, as that will get me no where.

Comment Re:Wouldn't work here (Score 2, Insightful) 185

A question that should be asked. Is why was there not a network admin/security offical managing this data durring the administration? Did all of this data just get dumped into a hard drive with no organization?

Sounds like another bad excuse for not planning for the future... This should have been proactivly handled and organized. Now the "Oh Shit" factor is very large and daunting.

Time to hire a security/system admin for the president administration...

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