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Comment It's still the pipeline, the number seems to say. (Score 1) 459

According to the very article that says it is not the pipeline, avg black component in IT master graduates is 3.5%, the workforce is around 3%. Looks normal to me, at the workforce level, that is. The result indicates a completely disproportionate number of white males in IT university curiculums, and that's the problem that needs addressed. Before minorities can have a chance to compete on the good jobs, they need to have a chance to get the degrees for such jobs.

Comment Re:Neutrality should be about source and destinati (Score 1) 200

There is still a problem. My ISP will cater to the "average Joe" and bump the priority on most used services (like video streams, that can actually tolerate quite a lot of latency), but they will not consider the case of niche users like SSH interactive sessions, which are very latency sensitive but "who cares", right ? Well I care. So in the end, your rule is neat, but it is not quite enough yet to let prioritization happen: as long as I cannot make my application a priority, I still get the short changed.

Comment Re:nope (Score 1) 200

Voice is latency sensitive, as is live video chat. Delays result in choppy audio and echo. Since it's realtime, buffering is not an option.

Video streaming of movies is not: buffering is a perfect solution to poor latency in that case.

Now, what I do not like with the hidden assumption in the ops post is that the user does not get to choose what gets prioritize. Even a goodwill ISP (haha!) that prioritize sensibly for the common use cases will not do what I want. SSH interactive session are also latency sensitive, yet I do not see any ISP prioritizing SSH because it is a niche use case. It is the most important use case for me. I do not want "neutrality", I want choice on what I prioritize for myself. Especially when we talk latency.

Comment Re:More feminist bullshit (Score 3, Interesting) 728

This is not a problem exclusive to women. [...] but if you are subject to it as a man you'll get much less support to cope with it.

That's true, and an independent yet important problem as well. However, I think we can agree that when men get less support (or even suffer stigma from not being "manly enough" to cope with it, which is pure BS), women face an echo chamber of aggressive misogynistic a-holes, ready to take on a crusade against them on a scale that most men never face. Just read the first comments here. In short, the harassment of women is more intense (from more harassers) and is pandemic.

Comment EU numbers (Score 1) 403

EU numbers are well known and documented to be extremelly optimistic. So much so that nobody even cares about them when buying a car. The DOT numbers are much closer to the reality (if still overstating a bit, not by a big bit). Making the correction because europe does not use MPG, so it seems there was some sort of confusion that the overstated numbers were relevant in the US where MPG are the unit of the land.

Comment Re:LEDs (Score 1) 602

My experience too. My CFL have lasted a long time, possibly more than rated, for some. The only one that failed were exposed to adverse conditions or heavy use pattern (cold, auto-timer with lots of on-off cycles, closed fixtures).

My two grudges against CFL is inconsistent, often poor color quality and contamination of your home with heavy metal when you are clumsy (yes, it's my fault I let the bulb fall on my 2yo toy box, but this is infuriating anyway).

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