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Comment Re:The number of devices is not most relevant (Score 2) 346

i totally agree that workplace health is an important part to many things (including productivity) but the notion that an iPad is an adequate replacement for a desktop or even a laptop in terms of productivity absurd. If everything you do on a computer would be no less constrained by use of an iPad i serously doubt you need a computer at all. Its useful for reading email and reviewing documents and the like, but composition is really impractical, If its not a Mac or mixed OS environment already, setting that up can be cumbersome, et al. i mean, its a cool device, but lets not be fooled into thinking its going to be a good replacement for a desktop, ever.

Comment Re:The number of devices is not most relevant (Score 5, Interesting) 346

Your job may be vital to your organization, and you may be "goddamned good" at it, but thats really besides the issue. Any corporate network contains mountains of proprietary data that is placed at risk when people who dont understand how to manage that data (you) attempt to hook up whatever you damn well fancy. Computers are not magic no matter how much you'd like to believe otherwise. Ethernet is not powered by unicorn blood an IT staff are not wizards (no matter how much some of us would like to believe otherwise). Getting a virus is only one potential problem, and truthfully the ability to not get a virus has no bearing on "knowing what you're doing"

At the end of the day, if your flashy electronic status symbol causes a network issue and then no one in your office can work, it really doesnt matter how 'goddamnded good' you are at your job, you cant do everyone elses too.

I've seen a number the power-suit, anger-management, "i'm a type-A", throbbing hard-ons; thinking they're the next Richard Branson. its a great wet-dream until you fuck up and get punted from your high horse by people that care about advancing the goals of the business over their own personal agenda.

Comment Re:Atlas Shrugged (Score 1) 346

Calling a Texas oilman a Yankee [anything] is mildly offensive. The north and the south of the US still dont play nice, the stereotype of the stuck up autocratic Yankee and the dimwitted racist southerner is alive and well and sadly theres enough people on both sides that fulfill the stereotype to keep it that way for a long time.

Comment Re:Thoughts? (Score 1) 412

by slashdot standards i too could have a 4 (or possibly3) digit UID. and wot that i've left my 20's ifee pretty damn old. no, not taking geritol yet, but i certainly cant live like i used to.

Comment Re:The writing was idiotic (Spoilers?) (Score 1) 412

i bet you rip on star wars for use of some mystical energy field controlling your destiny and glowing swords that somehow make photons stop dead after about a meter. do you also feel star treks ability to solve any problem with the main deflector dish troublesome? and that pesky holodeck too.

the neat thing about science fiction is that ITS FICTION. its based on science (which comes first) but in the end, you guessed it, its fiction.

Comment Re:I loved the original, but.. (Score 1) 412

though not explained in any way in the movie i think perhaps the ISOs ability may be why he has green beans and such. perhaps they can create organic things in a digital world and vice versa. wouldnt that be pretty badass, chick can make a light bike or a laser tank out of thin air? hence the cure cancer change government, religion etc etc.

at least thats how my mind fills in the details.

when did we all lose our imagination so badly that our only option for plot gaps is to criticize, rather than using the clay of our minds to smooth out the rough edges? such a jaded and bitter people we humans have become.

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