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Submission + - Playstation 3 phones Home

MeanderingMind writes: It seems that the rumors were true. Sony will be launching "Home" this fall for the Playstation 3. Home combines many of the features of Microsoft's Live service and Nintendo's Mii Channel into a product reminiscent of Second Life.

Submission + - Wiimote Strap Suit Continues

MeanderingMind writes: Despite Nintendo's strap replacement program the lawsuit continues. The replacement program doesn't address the damage already caused by Wiimotes in flight.

From the Article:

"...a rep at Green Welling told Next-Gen that the free replacement program doesn't mark the end of the class action.

He said that even though Nintendo has issued a thicker strap, "there is no indication of the effectiveness of new strap."

He also noted that Nintendo's strap replacement program doesn't address property damage caused by flying Wiimotes. Windows, plasma TVs and other expensive items have apparently fell victim to Wiimotes slipping from the hands of exuberant players."

Submission + - Nerd Seeks Socialization

MeanderingMind writes: Graduating college and moving a few thousand miles away from my birthplace, hometown, and 22 year residence has left me rather isolated from friends and family. As much as I'd like to resign myself to 9-5 workdays followed by playing World of Warcraft or any of the new and upcoming home consoles all by myself, I'd much rather be playing World of Warcraft or any of the new and upcoming home consoles with a bunch of friends. Any tips for a nerd on how to seek out and locate people sharing similar interests in a major metropolitan area?

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