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Comment Re:Google can fix it with a hammer. (Score 1) 221

You sir, just FAILED the "Tom Joad Test".


Myself, I would say:

Ok, then all mobile phone software should be OPEN source to prevent people from messing with something that can potentially harm them. If I have the source, I can take responsibility for checking potentially harmful code as apposed to giving responsibility for my safety to somebody else.

Open Source == Accountability

Closed Source == Power

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Comment Re:Wait (Score 1) 770

From the article - "Now, I have to go out and buy all new electronics with the insurance money."

Leads me to believe he has insurance money on hand.

Also from the article, later - "It's looking like I am going to get around $10K from the insurance company to replace everything."

Again, that sounds as if he is going to get money first.

I most certainly could be wrong. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the Ins. Co. makes deals with suppliers and / or makes policies in the hopes the homeowner will not follow all the fine line stipulations (statue of limitations, as you put it).

I guess the bottom line is for anyone who pays for home insurance to ensure their policy will pay out a cash value, how fast, and with what loopholes.


Comment Which one can you actually purchase? (Score 0) 233

I signed up to buy a Pi when I first heard about them. After several releases, I got an email that said they were in stock. I gave my CC# and placed an order. Got an email saying they were back ordered and I would be notified when sent. Never got sent. Got lots and lots of their advertising emails. Shit loads. Then another 'available' email. Tried to order again. Nada. Called customer service. The guy reminded me of Ocean Marketing. Like I was pestering them to take my money. WTF?

I hope maybe I can finally buy one of the other available options.


Comment Re:Did the cop got fired? (Score 1) 451

Not tricky at all.

The only things you need to say to a cop are:

Am I free to go?
Am I being detained?
Am I under arrest?
I want a lawyer.
I don't consent to searches.
I don't give interviews.

And really only Am I free to go, and I want a lawyer.

Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over?
You: Am I free to go?
Cop: Yes. LEAVE!
Cop: No.
You: I want a lawyer.


Cop: Do you have any weapons or nuclear devices?
You: Am I under arrest?
Cop: Yes.
You: I want a lawyer
Cop: No.
You: Am I free to go?
Cop No.
You: I want a lawyer.
Cop Yes.

Cops like to create small talk to establish particularized suspicion. They used to try and use the fact you refuse a search or interview as probable cause. That has been struck down over and over in the S.C. So now their training is to ask 3 seemingly innocent questions to get you rolling answers, and then hit you with a zinger to create suspicion.

For example:
Cop: Nice day out, huh?
You: Yes Sir.
Cop: Nice car. Is it yours?
You: Yes Sir.
Cop: Get good mileage?
You: Yes Sir.
Cop: Got any drugs or nuclear weapons in your car?
You: Um. (weird look) No. No Sir!
Cop: You don't mind my searching then, do you?
You: I don't consent to searches.

Some cops will push this situation as particularized suspicion. Because you were answering all Yeses, and without hesitation, and then all of a sudden ~changed~ your behavior, answers. And depending on the D.A. and Court, might just get away with it.

You're much better off establishing from the beginning that you are only going to provide papers if required, and only going to answer 'interviews' with a lawyer.

And by all means, RECORD the interaction. With your mind at a minimum.


Comment Re:Did the cop got fired? (Score 3, Informative) 451

If you aren't doing anything illegal, you have EVERYTHING to worry about!

Cops don't 'interview' legal people. Just ask them!

When you are in the presence of an officer, you are the only person in that situation that has any liability. The BEST case scenario is that nothing happens. Everything else will cost you. Inconvenience at a minimum. Torture at the worst. And death somewhere in between.

To be in the presence of someone who has no liability, who immediately demands that you be responsible for their emotional state by lethal force, is one of the most dangerous situations you could be in. Especially if you are legal.



Comment Re:Let's hope he gets extradited, he'll be better (Score 2) 1047

"is further evidence that you are up to no good."


Why is it that people think the 5th is for criminals. Why / How is it that the argument for rights/privacy somehow means guilt?

This is THE worst statement / belief.

KNOW what the hell your talking about.



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