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Comment Re:Security? Thats for nerds. And Lawyers (Score 1) 75

When the first lawsuit comes for a patient injury due to poor security, every hospital in the country will do a crash security program! With consultants, expert recommendations, the whole nine yards.

When Security gets added to the Joint Commission reviews, that is when it will stick.

Comment Take the blinders off (Score 1) 345

Police are focused on terrorists and criminals.

To them we are all criminals who have not been caught yet.

I can see Doctors ordering iPhones to protect patient data (This a legal requirement)

Business executives wanting to protect merger talks.

The list goes on and on.

Very good marketing move by Apple!

Comment Only Darwin knows... (Score 1) 327

If the right people are involved, this could be great. If the wrong folks are there, a disaster. The fact that some chose to leave and some to stay shows the filtering for folks who may flourish in this environment. Interesting to see how well they compete for customers, capital and workers.

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