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Comment Hmmm.... (Score 1) 125

The article opens with the question, "What the hell happened to WikiLeaks?" then argues that "Once an inspiring effort at transparency, WikiLeaks now seems more driven by personal grudges and reckless releases of information..."

So, you're saying they turned into Anonymous?

Comment Still pushing hard (Score 1) 158

Today I noticed that KB3035583 popped back up in my list of optional updates for Win 7. Doesn't matter that I've told it to stop showing me that one 4 TIMES already, Micor$oft keeps pushing it down my throat. That's why I keep looking up the KB numbers at independent sites before I install them. Micro$oft stop pushing and nagging about the upgrade around July 29th? Yeah, but in what YEAR? I bet they stop pushing it once they start pushing for us to upgrade to Win 11. I think my next computer OS is going to be *nix once I can't get Win 7. By then the ability to run Windows software should be a lot more stable.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 325

What you are describing is original research and has been against policy since even before 2006. Wikipedia wants to reflect the mainstream press and most reliable sources. It makes no claims to represent a "truth" beyond that. If something is wrong in the mainstream press, fix it there.

The problem is that more and more the mainstream press is using Wikipedia for it's fact checking, resulting in a doom spiral for truth.

Comment End of the Universe (Score 4, Interesting) 164

If black holes grow by the absorbing the quantum foam, then the universe is slowly gaining mass as new matter is spontaneously being generated but not getting a chance to vanish back to where it came from. This means that eventually the cosmic expansion will halt and be reversed. This universe could end not in heat death but a big crunch. We may have the final answer in the ultimate fate of the universe if this theory is correct.

Submission + - "Open Source Bach" project completed; score and recording now online ( 1

rDouglass writes: "MuseScore, the open source music notation editor, and pianist Kimiko Ishizaka have released a new recording and digital edition of Bach's Goldberg Variations. The works are released under the Creative Commons Zero license to promote the broadest possible free use of the works. The score underwent two rounds of public peer review, drawing on processes normally applied to open source software. Furthermore, the demands of Bach's notational style drove significant advancements in the MuseScore open source project. The recording was made on a Bösendorfer 290 Imperial piano in the Teldex Studio of Berlin. Anne-Marie Sylvestre, a Canadian record producer, was inspired by the project and volunteered her time to edit and produce the recording. The project was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign that was featured on Slashdot in March 2011."

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