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Comment That's my Alma Mater! (Score 1) 421

Valdosta State did have some serious boneheads in the IT Dept. I had several friends that held student positions in the department and they complained alot about the management. That being said, for a AA sized ( and growing ) Statue University it is a great school. They have an excellent business and education department. The Math/CS department is good for a small school to. We had some excellent professors when I was there. I enjoyed my time at VSU and I wouldn't judge the college based on this stupid idea. The campus has a lot of good Professors and is a nice place to go to school...just the administrative side of the campus is a little crazy ( well alot ). You also have to remember...this is in South is almost like stepping back in time when it comes to politics and law enforcement on the local level.

Comment Re:Ah, Lowndes County (OT) (Score 1) 421

I heard the same thing when I lived in Valdosta and I do not doubt it. If you look at the percentage of people that live in poverty in Lowndes County it is pretty high. It also has ( not to be racial in anyway ) a large population of poor minorities that greatly contribute to that statistic. If you can find the statistics ( I'm not looking for them at the moment maybe I can find them later this afternoon )...if they broke down the VD cases by ethnicity you would see a large portion of the poorer minority groups have a high rate of VD. It is not uncommon to hear about 11 and 12 year olds having sex and the older they get the more they have it and the more partners they have it with.

Comment Re:Valdosta State's rep in Jeopardy (Score 1) 421

Football is very serious in Valdosta. Both of the high schools (Valdosta High, the city high school and Lowndes High, the county high school) have won numerous state championships and I believe Valdosta High has won national championships. Football is also huge at VSU they have won 2 or 3 national championships in the AA division. You are right, it really is a big deal. Saying Atlanta is north of Valdosta is an understatement though, it is on the complete other side of the state. I grew up about an hour from Valdosta.

Comment Re:Hm... (Score 1) 390

The town I grew up in this gothic chick drove an old beat up half broke down hearse. She had a skull on the front of it where the hood ornament should have been. It was flat black and ugly as hell. The bad part was you would see her all over town broke down on the side of the road.

Comment Re:Wow, Feds loose (Score 1) 181

Which is sad because here in Georgia in Dodge county a sheriff was prosecuted for buying votes with 'money, alcohol, and drugs' and only got 18 months but regular people can get 5+ years for 'Conspiracy to sell a controlled substance'. The sheriff would buy absentee ballots off people and fill them out himself and send them in.

Comment Re:Alone in the Dark (Score 1) 284

I'm so sick of seeing this argument. No you are not depriving the original owner of the data from their copy of the data, however, you are getting for free data which should be paid for which pretty much amounts to theft...if not theft there is some other definition that fits it better but it is still WRONG.

You are getting for free what some entity put money, time and effort into to create when you should be paying for it. You are depriving the entity that created the content you are copying of their just compensation which is theft. Quit justifying piracy with this stupid argument it is pathetic. If you write a program and charge $20 for it you expect to be paid $20. When I buy your $20 program then make a copy and give it to my buddy for free you just lost $20. You can argue that maybe he wouldn't have bought it so it isn't a lost sale but that is beside the point the fact is he has your $20 product and you received no compensation for your investment of time/energy/money whatever. Which to any remotely sane person is wrong. Slashdot seems to be full of all these twits who think they should get all their software/music/movies/games for free. If the creators are not profiting from the things they create they will stop making it. Then where are you going to get all your software/music/movies/games from when no one makes it anymore because it is a collosal waste of time because it is completely unprofitable. These people have to eat to you selfish bastard.

Comment Re:Sure fire 100% guaranteed way (Score 1) 284

I'm with you guys...and won't be posting this as an AC. But then again I've been flamed before for pointing out how Slashdotters seem to have an uncanny ability to justify pirating media ( which I equate with theft...although the folks around here have somehow come up with some weird pseudo-philosophical argument about how it is not theft ).

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