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Comment Re:D.A.R.E has no benefit (Score 1) 440

Cut that back to Sports and Phys Ed and that's closer to what my school district was. The music and arts programs funded themselves with fund raisers, concessions sales at sports events and other means. Hell in the music program we almost consistently made it to State UIL competition but the boosters were the ones who made the money we needed for more than the absolute basics.

Comment Re:Why hasn't it been done before? (Score 1) 572

A quick Google search shows the Lupo 3L had start/stop technology. The battery size I'm unsure of but I believe it uses the same size as the other model Lupo cars, which would make it a 12v 60Ah. Varta's website shows their "Start-Stop Plus" batteries have those specs and are made for start-stop systems.

An Illustrated Version Control Timeline 244

rocket22 writes "Most software developers are supposed to be using the latest in tech and see themselves as living on the edge of software innovation. But, are they aware of how old some of the tools they use on a daily basis are? There are teams out there developing iPad software and checking in code inside arcane CVS repositories. Aren't we in the 21st century, the age of distributed version control? The blog post goes through some of the most important version control systems on the last three decades and while it doesn't try to come up with an extremely detailed thesis, it does a good job creating a catalog of some of the most widely spread or technologically relevant SCMs."

Comment Re:Forward thinkers (Score 5, Interesting) 506

I hardly qualify as "older" and I honestly think self checkouts are a waste of time and resources. When they're properly maintained and every item is entered correctly in the system and has a bar code I'm sure they'd work perfectly. As a former retail checker for several years and a customer I know that's hardly ever the case. SKUs change too fast to keep up with sometimes and maintenance from the equipment vendors doesn't come often enough and they react too slow to emergencies. The number of times I've gotten stuck on "Please put your item in the bag" are too many because it can't detect the weight properly and not to mention it feels like the laser in the scanner is much weaker than the one on a proper checkout terminal. If there's an issue you have to wait for the single employee who manages at least four of those self checkouts to come over and fix it. Usually that means waiting for them to finish with the other one or two customers with issues.

Vodafone Backs Down In Row With Android Users 106

jhernik writes with this excerpt from eWEEK Europe: "Vodafone has backed down in the face of angry opposition from Google Android customers, who last week received a software update thinking it contained Android 2.2, but instead found it contained Vodafone's branded 360 service. The Vodafone 360 service was launched in October last year. Essentially, Vodafone 360 is a user interface that puts social networking on the front screen of the phone, and arranges the users' contacts so you can reach any person with a phone call, IM, text or other call — or send a location message to meet up. However it also installs irremovable Vodafone-branded apps and bookmarks, including links to dating sites."

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