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Comment Re:Revenue NOT Sales Volume (Score 1) 209

Due to no apps the touch screen on the SP/SB line is nearly. I have the pen, and it's still mostly useless. The pen costs extra, BTW. If I really wanted I guess I could buy a $600 touchscreen monitor and call it even. But why? I would trade touchscreen on my SP3 for a better mousepad in a heart beat - something like in the new MBP would be great.

Comment Re:Pushback (Score 1) 275

Public search engine? Uhm, no. No expectation of Privacy? Have you read MSFT privacy policy? Have you read what they do with the data? Didn't think so, even through it is on the links you yourself provided. Your customers need actual advice, not scare hilarious scare mongering As someone in the IT profession you have two choices: Get used to Windows 10, or retire, because it isn't going anywhere.

Comment Re:Pushback (Score 1) 275

Here's a tip that might save you some money: "if you ask a lawyer if you should so something, they ALWAYS say no". That protects them, not you. If you are big enough to have teams of lawyers giving you advice that serves their interest, not yours, then you are big enough to spring for the $84/yr Enterprise licenses of Windows 10.

Comment Re:Software? Really? (Score 2) 90

Yes. My users love the Z30/passport software, the HUB, the calendar and email management, intelligent CC'ing, intelligent meeting mode, quick notification for late meetings, quick delete of read messages it is all very well thought out. As a productivity tool it blows everything else out of the water. You can't play your games on it, sorry.

Comment Re:Our financial foundation is strong (Score 2) 90

The reality is you are hopelessly wrong. They had +257M cash flow from Operations last fiscal. Their investments cash flow (which is where asset selling/purchasing would occur) was down 439M - ie they invested MORE in assets then they sold. They have been buying assets with cash. Buying. Not selling. They have a profitable software business. They are out of the unprofitable hardware business, good for them. They will wind up like Novell - once dominant, nearly wiped out, but still chugging along as multi-billion dollar business.

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