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Comment Re:Need a standardized platform! (Score 1) 103

But with bugs and differences in implementation specific not only to vendors, but to models and even to firmware releases.
Uniformity and standardization aren't even close to what they are for the SDK or the J2EE stack implementations.

The situation is so bad that a consortium of vendors (including sun) came up with the unified testing initiative to try to address it.
On mobile platforms, you can forget about "Write once run everywhere".


Submission + - IBM Backpedals on No-Business-Method-Patent Pledge

theodp writes: "IBM positioned itself as quite the patent reformer as it dropped a pure-PR-poison claim for a US patent on offshoring US jobs. But the AP reports that Big Blue has no intention of giving up its claim for a patent on profiting from patents. An IBM spokesman acknowledged that 'Extracting Value From a Portfolio of Assets' does indeed describe a business method patent, which Big Blue publicly professes to loathe, but argued that it passes IBM's significant technical merit smell-test for patents. Take a whiff and judge for yourself!"

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