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Comment Re:Identify a project, learn the tools to do it. (Score 1) 312

20 years ago I used to do some PERL stuff, so regex idea came to mind... but then I recalled how much better people said Python was then PERL for most purposes... and the Coursera class from UMich was really engaging... Dr. Chuck's way of Python clicked, and I could finish one of his month-long classes in a weekend... and then turn around and apply it to my project. I also used a Udacity? (maybe Udemy... don't remember which one) class on JS to pick up enough to redesign my webpage... it still looks 15 years old, but it is now all interconnected with JS, making updates much much easier...

There are great classes out there for free... find a teacher you like, and learn. Not all of them are the heavy-Indian-accented impenetrable ones that you do run into quite often.

Comment Identify a project, learn the tools to do it. (Score 1) 312

I'm in a similarly situated position. I'm a lawyer. I have a bunch of stuff in my email inbox that serves as records of travel miles I can deduct. For a few years I'd spend the hours manually entering this stuff into a spreadsheet monthly. Then I realized that there must be an easier way to deal with it... so I found the Coursera class on Python for Data Analytics, learned enough Python to scan an inbox for the messages that indicated dates of travel, and spent a day hacking together something that would rifle through my inbox, extract all of the travel emails, and dump them into a .xls file.

You need a goal... then research the tools that people think would get you to it.

Comment Re:Way around it (Score 1) 581

Here's the list of WU KB#s that I've been removing recently to counter this stuff:

from CMD you can run the remove operation using this format:

wusa /uninstall /kb:2505438 /quiet /norestart

I do it to all of the following:

kb:2902907, kb:2952664, kb:2977759, kb:2990214, kb:3021917, kb:3022345, kb:3035583, kb:3044374, kb:3050265, kb:3065987, kb:3068708, kb:3075249, kb:3075851, kb:3075853, kb:3080149

Comment Google Fiber TOS? (Score 2) 84

What sort of TOS does Google bundle the Fiber service with? I know the for-profit telecoms all exclude resale or commercial use... would Google Fiber work as a connection point for a WISP that connects, say, a rural valley with no other options? Spreading out 1GB of service over a bunch of households wirelessly would be a fine way to get them hooked up... and if Goog is willing to serve as their connection point... interesting things could happen.

Comment Re:life-long updates (Score 1) 687

Sounds like somebody stole your debit card that pulls from your bank account. That is different and more of a pain than a credit card. IF you were missing payments on your house and utilities and such like, the money was gone... not a disputed charge against your account, but actually gone. That sucks. But is not relevant to credit cards as such, which won't take your money away if you dispute the charges.

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