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Submission + - SPAM: How Microsoft is going green in a big way

coondoggie writes: "Biodiesel trucks, solar-powered data centers are just a couple of the initiatives getting Microsoft on environmentally friendly track. Microsoft, with 70,000 employees spread out across the world, is deep into a corporatewide evaluation of how it can become a more environmentally friendly corporation. The effort encompasses hardware, software, data centers and Microsoft's role as a corporate citizen. Microsoft's early results include a PVC-product-packaging purge begun in 2005 that has resulted in the elimination of 1.5 million pounds of the environmentally unfriendly plastic, as well as a soon-to-open Microsoft data center near Chicago that is a state-of-the-art monument to energy efficiency. [spam URL stripped]"
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Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission + - Science "can prove the universe is a simulatio

holy_calamity writes: A New Zealand physicist has written a paper saying that physicists should seriously explore the possibility the universe is a giant virtual reality simulation. He says that the existence of quantum phenomena could be due to the underlying digital nature of the simulation and also claims his VR hypothesis can explain relativity, the big bang and more. It should be possible to perform experiments to prove the hypothesis too. He reasons that if reality was to do something that information processing cannot, then it cannot be virtual.

Submission + - Facebook Widget Installs Zango Spyware (

BaCa writes: A malicious Facebook Widget actively spreading on the social networking site ultimately prompts users to install the infamous "Zango" adware/spyware. The tremendous success and lightning fast expansion of Facebook empowered the social networking giant with an impressive user base. Needless to say, in a digital world where web traffic equals money, such a user base attracts spammers, virus/spyware seeders, and other ethic-less online marketers like honey would attract flies.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Is Apple Killing Linux on the Desktop? (

stoolpigeon writes: "Chris Howard over at Apple Matters posits that Apple is killing Linux on the desktop. According to Chris, "Not that long ago there was almost a consensus that Linux would soon over take Apple. Several commentators suggested a few years ago that Apple's biggest threat was not Microsoft, but Linux. Apple has taken care of that threat!""

Submission + - Apple Forced to Sell Un-Locked iPhones in Germany (

Tech.Luver writes: "Apple has been forced to release a version of the iPhone in Germany that is not locked into a specific network or contract, scuppering its exclusive deal with Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile. Following a preliminary injunction, T-Mobile said that it would sell an unlocked phone for $1465 ( 999 ) until a final decision is reached. It will continue to offer iPhones locked into a two-year contract for $585 ( 399 ). Its announcement comes after rival Vodafone went to a German court to challenge T-Mobile's exclusive tie-up with the iPhone in Germany. Vodafone Deutschland won the injunction barring T-Mobile from offering the iPhone exclusively with a so-called SIM lock that stops users from switching the device to any other operator's network, and with a minimum two year contract. ( )"

Submission + - SPAM: OpenSocial targets social apps API 'balkanization'

alphadogg writes: An interview with Scott McMullan, Google Apps partner lead in Google's Enterprise division, in which he describes OpenSocial as an attempt to simplify the lives of developers by addressing what the vendor considers is a 'balkanization' of social-networking APIs. McMullan also articulated how OpenSocial's scope goes far beyond the creation of applications for social-networking sites, saying its core set of common APIs is intended also for the creation of social features and capabilities within Web sites in general and within business software.
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Input Devices

Headband Gives Wearer "Sixth-Sense" 234

An anonymous reader writes "New Scientist reports on a headband developed at the University of Tokyo that allows the wearer to feel their surroundings at a distance — as if they had cats whiskers. Infrared sensors positioned around the headband vibrate to signal when and where an object is close. There are also a few great videos of people using it to dodge stuff while blindfolded."
The Internet

Submission + - AT&T to Help MPAA Filter the Internet (

Save the Internet writes: "Ars Technica is reporting that the MPAA is trying to convince major ISPs to do content filtering. Now, merely wanting it is one thing, but the more important point is that "AT&T has agreed to start filtering content at some mysterious point in the future." We're left to wonder about the legal implications of that, but given that AT&T already has the ability to wiretap everything for the NSA, it was only a matter of time before they found a way to profit from it, too."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Calling out Apple: Verizon may get iPhone in 2008 (

fdmendez writes: "Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone, Verizon's parent company, says iPhone sales can't even get close to hurting Verizon's numbers, criticizing Apple for making a 2G phone, but his company would love to talk to Apple when a 3G version of the phone is developed. In this day and age of digital speed, Sarin tends to ignore anything 2G even if it's Apple."

Submission + - Mozilla says Apple must fix Quicktime flaw

JavaJack writes: " is reporting that even though Mozilla fixed "a critical bug in the way the Firefox browser works with QuickTime media files" which "gives attackers a way to run unauthorized commands on a victim's PC", Mozilla claims that the bug can't be fully fixed until Apple fixes Quicktime. From the article...

A July 2007 patch was supposed to take care of this type of problem, but [hacker Petko] Petkov showed how attackers could still run commands on a victim's system by tricking a victim into opening a maliciously coded QuickTime media file.
In fact, until Apple addresses the underlying flaw in QuickTime, there still could be headaches for users, Mozilla said in its security advisory on the issue. "QuickTime Media-link files could still be used to annoy users with popup windows and dialogs until this issue is fixed in QuickTime," the advisory states.
Mozilla's fix is included in Firefox"

Submission + - Justice Department Fears AT&T Destruction

Doc Ruby writes: The US Department of Justice has been working with telcos to intercept communications (voice, email, Web...), sometimes allegedly in violation of laws requiring due process. Now analysts believe that US telcos might be liable to every person in the US who owns a phone for violating laws protecting us:

In short, it is increasingly evident that the major US TelCos enabled the surveillance of every single domestic communication, or cannot prove that they did not. So in light of the possibility that The Program monitored the communication of every American with a phone or a web connection, this means that nearly all Americans may have standing to participate in a lawsuit should any plaintiff achieve success in showing standing and damages from the program.
Such a liability could break AT&T and any other telcos bearing it. This analysis also explains recent DoJ filings taking AT&T's position against Network Neutrality. This "private/public partnership" might have done irreparable damage to everyone plugged into the switchboard.

Submission + - Weather Balloon My A** 1

xnuandax writes: "A serious blow has been dealt to the conspiracy theory that aliens didn't in fact visit us at Roswell, New Mexico 60 years ago. It appears that late Army Lt. Walter Haut had signed a sealed affidavit prior to his death last year asserting that he had indeed witnessed the wreckage of an egg-shaped craft and its extraterrestrial crew whilst working at the Roswell Army Air Field. This news article reviews how Haut had worked as public relations officer for the Roswell base and was involved in the original "weather balloon" explanation of events at the time. This recent evidence would seem to confirm speculation that egg-shaped saucers are notoriously difficult to fly safely at low altitude."

Submission + - ISP not providing service as advertised. Options?

Brian Mingus writes: "I've got a server at the University of Colorado that can upload data faster than I've been able to find a connection to download it (> 15 MB/s). At home, though, we've got Qwest DSL. My roommate set this up before I moved in and we are on a 2 year contract. The service is excruciatingly slow. Downloading something over BitTorrent is unimaginable — it clogs up our entire pipe, making web surfing impossible. I've read lots of stories about how far behind the curve the US is on broadband, especially w.r.t countries such as South Korea, but this is unimaginable. So I decided to check the numbers by running some freely available bandwidth tests. My DSL modem claims we are connected at 192 KB/s and upload at 4KB/s (note: are they kidding me?), but an average over five bandwidth speed tests, including one at the university across the street, shows us downloading at 91 KB/s and uploading at 3 KB/s. Even worse for my plight, my connection is apparantly slightly faster than average for Colorado. Do I have any way to win in this, or am I stuck with pre-2000, 2x dialup speeds for the next two years?"

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