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Comment Re:Retina Displays? (Score 1) 377

The resolution of the iPad screen is listed http://www.apple.com/au/ipad/specs/ for any prosepctive buyer that cares to look. I don't understand your point. People are told the resolution. The actual pixel resolution is just not used as a term to market the product is all. Using technical specifications to market a product is not very common anymore, except for some specialty products, such as a car may be marketed by the amount of hp or kW the engine produces. But the general population dont choose a car based on its engine power and probably don't even care. Most astute buyers are more than capable of bypasssing the marketing terminolgy of any product they buy and select based on technical specifications that meet their needs.

Comment Re:Apple not pulling Evi app, working with develop (Score 1) 251

Yes it is speculation, hence the use of the word "seems". However the article begins with a "... developers True Knowledge received a call last week from Apple representative Richard Chipman letting them know that Evi's days in the App Store were numbered because the company felt it violated rule 8.3 in its developer guidelines." This implies that the people at True Knowledge believed that their app was being pulled. And that the implication is clear that this was at the the request of Chipman from Apple. And later we discover that Apple are working with True Knowledge to remove similarities, I don't think it is unreasonable, assuming statements form True Knowledge are accurate and that "sources familar with the matter" are also accurate that to consider Apple may have changed their mind is a reasonable inference.

Comment Apple not pulling Evi app, working with developers (Score 5, Informative) 251

I would like to point out this article http://www.theverge.com/2012/2/27/2828283/sources-apple-not-pulling-evi-app-working-with-developers-to-avoid which among other things states that "... the app remains in the App Store, and according to sources familiar with the matter, Apple is attempting to work with the developers on bumping out those similarities, rather than just pulling the product." Anyway it seems that Apple may have reconsidered their position on this, which is probably a good thing for the small guys.

Comment Re:Anyways (Score 1) 403

Speaking to your phone makes you look crazy and snob so for that reason I'M OUT

Haha yeah I remember back in the day when all you could do was speak into a phone.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 403

This is such a waste of time. Why can't talented programmers spend their efforts on more productive activities. Write the next great game, etc. If you want Siri, buy an effing iPhone. I know I'm in the (very small) minority here, but I just don't understand hackers.

Me either, but the first product that Woz and Jobs made and sold was a telephone system hacking device. So from this we can see that sometimes other things can evolve from hacking at other peoples work.

Comment Re:Who cares at all? (Score 1) 403

I cannot for the life of me think of any reason anyone would want or need siri on any platform. Thanks but no..

Haha, this reminds me of what I said when I first saw VisiCalc. I think Siri is cool, it is in the realms of the Star Trek Enterprise computer where they interfaced using voice. Siri obviously has a way to go, but i think it is still Beta, unless I am wrong.

Comment Its all about perception. (Score 1) 159

In my opinion this all about managing the perception on whether or not a particular piece of software is a required component for any particular os distribution and whether the distro managers have the right to decide what they include and what they don't for any reason.

I am reminded of incident recently where to set up a particular development environment on my fedora desktop box required the use of apache as a reverse proxy, which only required very simple configuration of the httpd.conf file. Assisting someone setup their Ubuntu desktop box not only required installing apache and configuration, but also adding the required apache modules, not overly difficult, but annoying me none the less. It was my perception that the Ubuntu desktop provided an inferior solution than Fedora, but to the many Ubuntu fans that I work with, this was a non issue, because it was still possible to add the webserver and required modules. "And who needs a webserver on a desktop anyway"

I was unconvinced until recently I needed to install nmap on my mac os x box, and I realise that its all a matter of perspective and what is important to me and what i am prepared to accept in an os distribution of what and what not should be included.

I see the the inclusion or exclusion of sqlninja the same way, totally abstract from the deciding reasonings of the os distributor. It really does not matter if its included by default or easily obtainable in a package, it is still possible to do, so therefore not important, it is just someone else's opinion on what should and should not be rightfully included.

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