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Comment Re:trying (Score 2) 490

Are there other jobs available for them if they do move and you decide you don't need them? Comparable jobs?

Moving is a large investment. And usually a long-term one, given the cost and the hassle factor. If the conditions aren't good for long-term in your area, don't complain if you can't get folks to move there.

Comment Re:Tribal conflict (Score 0) 399

Curiously, as a group Republicans give more to charity than Democrats. Apparently Republicans are more caring and giving than Democrats in general on that score, so long as the giving is voluntary and not mandated.

Most of this "charity" consists of donations to religious institutions, most of which funnel more funds to their preachers and building funds than any social goods. Adjust for religious giving and I'd expect you'd get a different outcome.

Comment Re:IMHO (Score 1) 176

Okay ... so help yourself out. Do a cursory study of software written by people with and without a good elitist education in computer science and mathematics and tell me whether their software is *better* than that of those like you who do not have such a background.
Importantly to me, is it less buggy and does it have fewer security problems?
Teaching yourself to do basic coding is great, but learning how to write *good* code is a whole other thing.

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