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Comment Careful here... (Score 3, Insightful) 225

Lots of folks are recommending that you go with your own server. As someone who has gone that route before, I can tell you that unless you want to become a server admin, and deal with all security and updates, intrusion and hacking attempts, etc, you're way better off finding a place where you can get a dedicated server - and they'll do the maintenance, security and upgrades. Had my own server - and when it got hacked, it got hacked badly. My fault, because though I'm web savvy, server maintenance & security is it's own art, which I never should have attempted. (FWIW, and I do NOT work for them, I'm doing this now with Host Duplex. They have been extraordinarily helpful, communicative and stable.) Hope this helps. M.

Comment Should have known... (Score 1) 463

That the worst kind of flamethrowing / sniping / namecalling would be happening in here.

A**ple fankids have been the snidest bunch I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with - going all the way back to the 80's at SF Macromedia conferences, where, when the PC's crashed during presentations, howls of laughter and yelled-out snide remarks were all the rage. When the Macs crashed... polite silence. Some things never change.

I'm getting a Fire for my honey for Xmas. I'm not expecting it to be the damned second coming of Christ. Nor am I expecting it to perform on par with / exceed a $500 to $900 tablet - because I actually did my research before buying it. (And if I WERE going to buy one, you can bet yer ass it wouldn't be an iPad) The Fire is is a media consumption tablet with some extra bells and whistles - and if you compare it apples to apples (sorry) to something like an iTouch (which I have)... I'll take it in a heartbeat - if for no other reason than the fact that I don't have to use some POS proprietary software (iTunes) to get an damned MP3 on it. And for those of you who protest when someone rightfully describes iPads and iTouches as closed systems - well, hope yer enjoying the Kool Aid.

Amazon never positioned this as an iPad killer - pundits and press did - and in a sense they were right - maybe not killing the iPad as a device - but definitely taking a big chunk of the market that the iPad never could. Why? Because there are a whole bunch of folks out there who would never shell out over half a grand on a tablet. They are now.

One last thought - I work independently in tech - have for over 20 years, on both platforms. So do a bunch of friends - some of whom have actually made the plunge and bought a Fire. Everything I've heard back is positive - they think it's a lovely little device that does what they expected it to. In fact, I haven't heard a single negative.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot:A solid-state HD video loop device?

Max Night writes: So a client asked me about doing presentation video for their office. SImple enough — DVD player on loop... but I thought — why have any moving parts at all? There's gotta be a way, sans computer, to play simple HD vidclips in a loop to an HDTV. And it should be simple enough that their staff doesn't have to come in and mess with menu options every morning.
So I started searching the web for a simple device that does this, figuring that there had to be one out there. But other than standard settop boxes, which don't automatically loop content, or digital signage boxes, running 4-500 bucks with network capabilities, etc., I can't find anything. So I thought I'd ask you folks. Is there a solution for this I'm not seeing? Format doesn't matter — I'm generating it from scratch, so I can compress however it's needed. But it has to be HD, and output to a TV.

Submission + - Periodic Table Etched Onto a Single Hair 1

adeelarshad82 writes: The University of Nottingham's Nanotechnology Center decided to help Professor of chemistry, Martyn Poliakoff celebrate his special day by "etching" a copy of a Periodic Table of Elements onto a single strand of the scientist's hair using a "very sophisticated" electron ion beam microscope. The microscope creates a very fine etching of the periodic table only a few microns across by shooting a "focused ion beam" of gallium ions at the hair. The technology here is nothing revolutionary, but it is inspiring to see a grown man get so giddy with the prospect of seeing science in action.

Submission + - Android Developer Problems Abound (

imamac writes: In light of iPhone development problems and so many suggesting Android as a better development platform, it's interesting to look at the problems on the other side of the coin, as well. Apparently, a fully open phone OS can have more problems than Apple's locked-down iPhone OS.

A slew of problems have made managing Android apps a "nightmare," they say, including three versions of the OS (Android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0), custom firmware on many phones, and hardware differences between different models. For users, it means apps in the store could be buggy, might not work well depending on their handsets, and could deliver a frustrating experience. Unaware of the increasing back-end complexity, they would then be more likely to leave bad reviews for those apps — a potentially lethal blow for small businesses, say developers.

XBox (Games)

Submission + - New York State to issue alerts over Xbox Live/ PSN (

An anonymous reader writes: Gamers are used to confronting invading terrorists, nuclear attacks, and natural calamities—in virtual form. But those living in New York State could soon receive warnings about real emergencies through their favorite video console.
State authorities are testing a plan that would see the Emergency Management Office issue alerts over online gaming networks in addition to regular channels.

Submission + - Enterprise remote desktop control solutions.

NickTUH writes: I work at a fortune 500 company within the IT solutions department and we currently use a client-side based software to remotely control our end-user's computers when we troubleshoot their issues. Being client-side has a number of problems ranging from teaching users how to find their IP/VPN address, client stops running in the background or the user is not behind our firewall.

We would like the ability to allow users to visit a web site or program and be presented with some kind of ID/Password that they give to us, and then connect to their computer without the users needing to know their IP address. The solution would need to work outside of our firewall as well as inside.

We absolutely can not use third-party solutions such as Team Viewer as we can not allow our data to interact with a third-party vendor due to both company and government regulations. I am trying to find something similar to their service; only where we host the server and software ourselves. I haven't had any success searching for solutions and hoped to reach out to fellow Slashdot'ers.

Comment Sigh... (Score 1) 381

"they realise that no one is viewing their profile, so their tweets are pointless". As a steady twitter user - well, duh. You have to actually CONVERSE with people to form friendships there - it's not about creating a profile for others to view. But more to the point - I find it fascinating that Morgan Stanley - and the world for that matter, seems to find the observations of a 15-year-old so relevant. Not that I've got anything against 15-year-olds - I've got a kid of my own. But between facebook, myspace and twitter, I've got hundreds of friends that I actually know in one way or the other - and less than 10 are teens. This is the case for most of the people I know. Why are these observations sparking such a "storm"?

Comment For a better take on this... (Score 1) 961

For those who were talking about the mainstream media covering this adequately...Go listen to the 2600 recordings of Emmanuel Goldstein being rounded up during the NY RNC convention. You'll get an entirely different feel for what's it's like to be detained for just being on the street. What planet did they land us on, anyway?

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