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Comment Re:All the negativity? (Score 1) 197

Who said mummy and daddy sent me to Northeastern and MIT. I earned a scholarship to Northeastern. I didn't attend M.I.T, i just worked there. I taught myself Pl/1, Adascript, CMS, VM360, for a programming job there. Then I taught myself Multics and Emacs to get the teaching assistant job. And I actually read the manuals.

A professional engineer should be to analyze problems, and at the very least be able to narrow a problem down. If they don't know the answer, they should be able to figure out how to use basic spreadsheet and word processor, or do a little scripting. A professional engineer should be able to figure out network problems, basic computer problems, and be able to do anything someone at the geek squad can do.

Comment Re:All the negativity? (Score 1) 197

Why don't you get your head out of your ass. These "trained engineers" should have a basic understanding of their tools and a modicum of problem solving skills.

Even though dropped out of North Eastern University, I still kept my part time teaching assistant position at MIT.

"One day a PC files" Huh?? Didn't use a PC, I was hired to design and write code on an Apple ][+.

Comment All the negativity? (Score 3, Insightful) 197

I agree with the original poster. Here, we have someone complaining that a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, etc. can't write their own simple excel macro, or figure out why they have no internet connection. This is akin to your car not starting and not being able to figure out that it is the battery and being able to jump it or having a flat tire and calling AAA to change it.

When I first dropped out of college, I took a job working for a hardware engineer (Seth) at a very small company. If there was a problem, he'd toss me the chip puller and tell me where the scope was. Years later, at one company, they had moved offices and needed to change the IP addresses of a couple of the Linux based workstations. They were waiting for a consultant to show up the following week. I took 5 minutes to do it.

This is not an issue of every non-software engineer being able to write good quality code. It is an issue of having basic understanding of the tools and being able to simple tasks, like write a macro, or and simple diagnostics? How many of you laugh at people who don't know how to change a tire or jump a dead battery?

Comment He owes me over $4M as a result of spamming me. (Score 1) 146

I obtained a $3.9M million judgment against him back in 2015. I identified over 5,000 e-mails transmitted by him using domain names obtained by fraud from NameCheap. That does not include e-mails using e-mails utilizing other domain name registrars.

I suspect that the number of spam identified by the FBI / DOJ is based upon the hosting providers that were identified in the indictment. I suspect that Persaud used IP space that was from registrars outside the USA to send spam that were not addressed by the current indictment.

Maybe the prosecutors thought that 10 counts at 20 years each is sufficient. If he gets 200 years, why do the extra work?

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 1) 377

And where did you go to law school?

First, your statement regarding negligence and criminal law for negligence shows that you don't know the difference between criminal law and civil law.

Second. If a woman is drunk, does that mean you can rape her? She was negligence by becoming drunk near you and that there is a high probability that you would rape her if she was drunk.

Third, if there is an insurance policy, that would be controlled by the policy, which probably has an exclusion for items stolen from an unlocked car.

As far as negligence, if he left your laptop in the car, he may be liable to you, under your theory -- in a civil case. Never to a thief, except possibly in the case of a minor. But we have not covered that yet in my class.

Comment This is nonsense. (Score 1) 215

Tricking woman into sleeping with a man or a tricking a man into sleeping with a woman is as old as prostitution.

How many men in Los Angeles claim they are close with some actor/producer/studio to bed a wanna be actress? How many men tell women they love them to sleep with them?

How many women pretend to be attracted to a man to have him buy her things?

This is clearly overreach. Carmela Harris and her attack on backpage is the same, despite the 9th circuit telling her so, she brought new charges.

Submission + - Aristotle on Trolling

Max Hyre writes: from the how'd-he-find-out-about-that? dept.

A newly-discovered (and translated) papyrus holds Aristotle's analysis of trolling , and exactly on point it is, too. Though hardly suprising for an expert on excellence.

Abstract That trolling is a shameful thing, and that no one of sense would accept to be called 'troll', all are agreed; but what trolling is, and how many its species are, and whether there is an excellence of the troll, is unclear. [....]

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