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Comment Re:Kindle will never replace textbooks (Score 2, Interesting) 398

I'm a law student, and I don't have practice problems. I would replace my textbooks with it in an instant. Even if I had to pay more for my books I would rather use the kindle. I bike to school, and I am easily bringing 30 lbs with me every day. If I could get that down to 10 lbs, boy would I be happy camper.

Comment Re:Not as stringent as you might think... (Score 1) 128

Even if the policy is fair to the students, which is debatable, what miffs me about this policy is that I like games. Developers don't make games for free, so they need some way to sell them. Copyright is the legal mechanism that allows people to make money off of video games. So this school is collecting a bunch of IP rights to a whole bunch of awesome games and then sitting on it with no intention of commercializing it. That means that the consumer is worse off in the long run and the purpose of copyright ("to promote the advancement of science and the useful arts" -- read as "make money off of video games") is being contravened.

Furthermore, it looks like DigiPen has no good reason for doing this! In FTA there is some vague reference to the fact that they don't know where their students get the code for their projects. I assume what they're worried about is secondary copyright liability (i.e. DigiPen didn't violate copyright itself, but it provided aid and resources to infringers). Putting aside issues of knowledge, which is generally required for secondary copyright infringement, if they are secondarily liable holding the copyrights to the products of the infringement would make them MORE culpable, not less, since then they are also materially benefiting from the infringement by gaining a valuable IP right!

So as a student, I respect your right to agree to DigiPen's policies and even defend it as a fair arrangement in consideration for the education you are receiving. I hope that you respect me, as a consumer of video games, to protest it on the theory that it decreases the number of good games I have access to.

Comment Re:Most fungi breathe oxygen, expel carbon dioxide (Score 2, Insightful) 244

Except the fungus is getting its carbon from cellulose in the first place. That cellulose was made from a plant that did fix CO2 from the atmosphere. So really, any industrial application of the fungus would be only step 2 in a three step process. 1) grow cellulose 2) use fungus to turn cellulose into fuel 3) burn fuel. While steps 2 and 3 are not carbon neutral, that ignores step 1, which should make up for the deficit.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - The Adventures of Darwin for PS2 ships (

SupraStan writes: "D3Publisher of America (D3PA) sends word today that The Adventures of Darwin is shipping to retail stores across North America exclusively for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system from Sony at an SRP of $19.95. "Just as Darwin does in the game, the PlayStation 2 market is evolving — it's now ready to accommodate more games like The Adventures of Darwin that appeal to family-friendly audiences," said Sam Guilloud, brand manager, D3PA. "With such a large and loyal install base of over 38 million in the US (Source NPD), this is the perfect time in the PlayStation 2's life cycle to release such a unique title." More information: &publisher=&developer=&game=&page=globalnews&mode= viewnews&id=2427"

Feed General 'Control Switch' For Protein Activity Developed (

Our bodies could not maintain their existence without thousands of proteins performing myriad vital tasks within cells. Since malfunctioning proteins can cause disease, the study of protein structure and function can lead to the development of drugs and treatments for numerous disorders. Now scientists have developed a unique "switch" that can control the activity of any protein, raising it several-fold or stopping it almost completely. The method provides researchers with a simple and effective tool for exploring the function of unknown proteins.

Feed LG's Super Multi Blue combo burner reviewed (

Filed under: HDTV, Storage

Even at this stage in the game, there aren't many drives out there sporting both logos, but LG's HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H10N 1.01 drive -- better known as the Super Multi Blue to the layperson -- has the Blu-ray and HD DVD logos sitting up front in perfect harmony. Announced at this year's CES, the drive can playback Blu-ray, DVD and HD DVD media, along with 4x recording and even rewriting of Blu-ray Discs. Now that the drive is finally out, CDRinfo has a ridiculously extensive review that really puts the $1,200 lens menagerie through its paces. In all, the dual playback makes this one a winner, and the Blu-ray, DVD and CD recordings turned out quite well to boot. The error correction for CD and DVDs is a bit lacking, but we're guessing anyone willing to fork over this much cash for a drive -- or crazy enough to read this whole review -- has bigger fish to fry.

[Thanks, Macris A]

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Submission + - Father of Sony PlayStation Steps Down

Petersko writes: The chief architect of Sony's PlayStation game console stepped down on Tuesday as the Japanese company struggles to defend its dominance in the video game industry and revive its reputation as an electronics pioneer... The PS3's hefty startup costs have weighed heavily on the company's fight to drive up profit in its core electronics division. Sony is not expecting to post a profit in its game business until the fiscal year ending March 2009.

Submission + - First US "Twin-Format" HD DVD Disc Reviewe

An anonymous reader writes: There's a new high-def disc format in town — the triple layer HD DVD/DVD "twin-format" disc. While the format made its debut earlier this year in Japan, the first US-released twin disc hits store shelves on June 26, with the release of the anime title, 'Freedom 1.' High-Def Digest got a sneak peek, and gives the disc a tentative thumbs up.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Patent Granted for Fault Injection (

techlists writes: "A Patent on Fault Injection (#7,185,232) has been granted by our friends at the patent office. This could seriously and negatively impact software/hardware testing across the industry. According to the filing, "A method of testing a target in a network by fault injection, "The method may further include, receiving a feedback from the target to determine fault occurrence.". They've been asked to comment, but will they say anything?""
Portables (Games)

Submission + - Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command to PSP and DS (

SupraStan writes: "THQ announced today that they will be bringing Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command to the handheld Nintendo DS and PSP® (PlayStation Portable) systems, scheduled to be released in fall 2007. Taking full advantage of the unique capabilities of the Nintendo DS and PSP, Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command features a new and immersive single-player campaign, along with a robust global multiplayer component. "Bringing the Warhammer 40,000 universe to handheld systems creates exciting new game play options for fans across the globe," said Bob Aniello, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, THQ. "An all-new single-player storyline and the ability to battle head-to-head with anyone in the world make this an exciting addition to the Warhammer 40,000 library." For more read at: &publisher=&developer=&game=&page=globalnews&mode= viewnews&id=2425"

Feed YouTube to Program Channels in Nine More Countries (

Leveraging its Google power, YouTube announces plans to expand internationally, shouldering on into uncharted copyright territory. New sites in Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom open up new streams of advertising revenue.

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