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Comment New version of cigarette case stories... (Score 2) 175

It are the same kind of (bullshit)stories as the deck of cards stopping the bullet, or the cigarette case stopping the bullet, or the bible stopping the bullet.

How many other people at the airport which got shot did have their macbook with them and didn't get the chance to use it as a shield?

Comment Re:Can anyone explain in actual meaningful terms? (Score 1, Interesting) 143

> Finally, Bitcode. Instead of uploading pre-compiled binaries, developers upload what Apple calls an âoeintermediate representationâ of the app. The App Store then automatically compiles the app just before downloading. This allows it to automatically implement part of App Slicing even if the developer hasnâ(TM)t bothered to tag their code, downloading only the 32- or 64-bit code as required.

That will bring up a nice amount of Heisenberg bugs.

Comment Mythbusters (Score 1) 194

Soldiers told her that attachment to their robots didn't affect their performance, yet acknowledged they felt a range of emotions such as frustration, anger and even sadness when their field robot was destroyed.

Anybody who has seen an episode of Mythbusters knows their positive relationship with Buster and the other dummies they have or craft.

Comment Now how to prevent it? (Score 4, Interesting) 214

As somebody who left the network / sysadmin business before the attacks started from the inside (send enough malware to everybody inside a company and you will get lucky at a certain moment), how would you protect it best?

Airgap it (or properly firewall it), and people will complain about the costs of duplicate infrastructure, remote support from vendors will be a pain etc.

Monitor the network and spot anomalies, it's a hard task but could be the way to go. Except that you need skilled people there (not saying that there aren't, my experiences in a TAC shows that there aren't many).

Letting the attackers waste time in a honey-pot while your own network is isolated? At least you learn from it and you give them a false sense of victory.

What is wisdom, any thoughts?

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