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Comment Re:Linux/Solaris release (Score 1) 217

When the answer to the question:

"Will Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc. be supported?"


"G-WAN's small footprint and modularity make it easy to port on any platform. Starting with Windows (today's most widely used operating system) makes it possible for end-users to compare. There's no choice if you can't compare."

it's not clear.

Everything on this site screams CRAZY. Pretty funny.


How To Cut In Line and Not Get Caught 256

ewenc writes "A psychology study of hundreds of people waiting for front-row access to U2 concerts points to the best ways to cut in line and not get caught. 'Super-fans' are most irked by queue-jumpers. People were equally peeved whether someone cut in front or behind, and cutters who jumped beside a friend were less likely to attract scorn."

Comment Re:I'm kinda shocked at the slashdot... (Score 1) 167

I would agree with you on principle here that perhaps an MMO gamer does deserve some rights to their character or their in game items, but I think the intrinsic problem is that your stuff only exists on a database owned by someone else.

Let's say you worked hard on your character. You spent hours on the character creation screen giving him a unique look, you penned a riveting backstory for him, and you created unique looking items for him to wear. (Presuming this is even possible in your MMO of choice.)

So what happens when the MMO dev releases a crappy expansion that completely breaks the game? What happens when you just get bored? What happens when the MMO dev goes under and they pull the plug? You can't take that character (along with all of his money and items) and move him over to a new MMO. He's stuck on someone else's server. You can take your D&D Character sheet to another DM's table and maybe he'll allow you to play with that character in his game. You can't really do this with an MMO.

If you are lucky, the best you could do is sell your character to someone else on eBay (except in the case where the MMO dev pulls the plug, then you're completely SOL). It is likely that you won't be able to sell him for a large enough amount to cover the costs of your subscription fees, however.

It would be interesting to see an "Open Source" MMO engine that would allow character transfers between actual games, but I doubt we'd ever see a commercially successful one.

Red Hat Software

Journal Journal: A first for me.

Numerous postings were made about it.

My friends warned me about it.

Yet, I never thought it would happen to me.

Yesterday, the RPM database on my Linux box was hosed. I've heard of this happening, but I've never actually seen it in the six or so years I've been running Red Hat.

I've been toying with moving my main box to another distro for some time now. I've also been toying with Gentoo on other machines. Maybe it is time to give Red Hat and their RPMs the boot.

GameCube (Games)

Journal Journal: Metroid Prime is the best game of this console generation!

There isn't much more I can say. I was totally blown away by this entire game. The game is near perfect in every way. If you don't have a Game Cube, buy one and get this game. It is better than anything I've played on the PS2 and X-Box.

The even more exciting thing is that the new Zelda game coming out in spring is supposedly EVEN BETTER than Metroid Prime.

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