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Comment Re:Am A Noob Too (Score 1) 279

Automatic configuration buttons are part of the issue with IoT and are not really going to be a solution. Education seems to be the only way we're going to get any traction on securing those device, people need to understand what their devices are doing, with whom they are communicating, and what the risks are. It will take a lot more incidents before the general public is willing to invest any interest in the security or their connected devices.

Comment Re:does marketing hype matter? (Score 2) 288

does 'certified for iDevice' even matter anymore? I could see it being a concern for the average consumer about a decade ago but so many products, uncertified mind you, exist for the apple to channel audio from soundcard to headbone that the logo itself seems of little merit.

I only really worry about not using knock off cables/adapters when it's connected to 110 volt power or higher, cheaply made cables that break easily are also easily replaced; cheaply made power adapters without proper insulation and air gaps can cause fires and electrocutions. That being said I use Apple EarPods because I find them comfortable.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 0) 269

Absolutely. Contactless is pointless and expensive as fuck for merchants. I can't imagine many businesses where the "neat-o" factor from a few phone enthusiasts to be able to pay with their phones is going to outweigh the costs.

Sometimes it comes down to offering convenience to your customers, there are 2 'corner' stores near my place, store a is a five minute walk, store b is a seven minute walk. I walk and drive to store b more often because I can use tap on my credit card to pay, store a requires chip and pin.

Comment Re:Really? Come on now, you should know better. (Score 1) 362

Five centuries of work before that never perfected heavier-than-air flying machines either, until one year, presto, all the necessary preconditions were finally met and airplanes became a reality. There's nothing linear about progress.

The most intelligent comment I have read on Slashdot in years (possibly ever), if only I had any mod points.

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