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4chan Declares War On Snow 201

With all the recent hacktivism in the news, Anonymous has decided to take on a new and powerful enemy: snow. On Sunday the group announced that it will "do everything in its power to shut snow down by attacking the Weather Channel and North Face websites, boycotting outerwear, and voting for the sun as Time’s 2010 Person Of The Year." I'm sure there are a lot of people in Minneapolis right now that would wish them luck.

Son Sues Mother Over Facebook Posts 428

Most kids hate having their parents join in on a discussion on Facebook, but one 16-year-old in Arkansas hates it so much he has filed suit against his mother, charging her with harassment. From the article: "An Arkadelphia mother is charged with harassment for making entries on her son's Facebook page. Denise New's 16-year-old son filed charges against her last month and requested a no-contact order after he claims she posted slanderous entries about him on the social networking site. New says she was just trying to monitor what he was posting." Seems like he could just unfriend her.

Ubisoft DRM Causing More Problems 279

Joe Helfrich writes "Ubisoft's Settlers 7 servers have been causing problems for over a week for users worldwide, and Australian gamers are hardly able to connect at all. 'The problem reportedly strikes after the game has already confirmed an active Internet connection, and prevents the user from playing even the single-player campaign, returning the error "server not available." But they are available, because other people are logged into them and merrily playing away.' Wonder how they're going to describe this one as an attack."

Comment Re:Videos will be disabled (Score 1) 379

As a Time-Warner customer in Austin, Texas, where TW recently had a spat with NBC, I would warn you that you will likely NOT be able to access Viacom websites to download your shows. TW said the exact same thing then (just download them), and NBC blocked TW IPs. We were shit out of luck. I pray for the day that FIOS is available in my apartment complex so I can dump TW.

Comment Re:How do you think it should work then? (Score 1) 793

No, I absolutely believe that you would do those things. And you would do them because you're a selfish bastard (not you personally of course, I'm sure you're a reasonable person, I'm just being abstract here). You do them because you want to grow your wealth. The fact that you create jobs and improve the well-being of your employees is incidental to this. Further, I don't assume YOU PERSONALLY wouldn't want to do this, or that YOU PERSONALLY wouldn't want to contribute to society, but my point, which I didn't make very well, is that I'm not overly optimistic that society, taken as a whole, can be counted on to contribute in to the degree necessary to maintain "infrastructure and basic assistance", if left to their own devices.

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