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Submission + - Hacker Forces DigiNotar Into Bankruptcy (

wiredmikey writes: Following the recent cyber attack that resulted in an intrusion into DigiNotar’s Certificate Authority (CA) infrastructure and the fraudulent issuance of SSL certificates for hundreds of domains, including, CIA.Gov and many others, DigiNotar officially will be closing its doors for good.

VASCO Data Security, DigiNotar’s parent company, today said that DigiNotar had filed a voluntary bankruptcy petition on Monday, September 19, 2011 and was declared bankrupt by a Dutch Court today.

The hacker who claimed responsibility for the attack identifies himself as “Comodohacker”, a 21-year old hacker acting as an individual, has also hacked other CA’s, but this is the first that officially has been forced out of business as a result. Will ComodoHacker force other Certificate Authorities out of business?

What’s interesting, is that the claimed hacker, an Iranian loyalist, says he has developed an “unbreakable” system for replacing SSL certificates. “If my country get equal right as USA in controlling emails, I may share my brilliant unbreakable encryption system for replacement of SSL and CA system,” he wrote. He also hints at his bright future as a hacker, writing: “P.S.S. never forget, I'm just 21, you have to see much more from me!”

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