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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: "Blue Sky" I.T. Projects?

MattSausage writes: "We have a rather sudden "Blue Sky" meeting of the I.T. department later this afternoon. Basically the idea is that we suggest ANY idea that might be useful, cost is not a factor, feasibility is not a factor. Obviously I realize Slashdot can't come up with ideas tailored specifically to my workplace, but I'm interested in some new or particularly exciting ideas that will either help I.T. do what we do, or that will help the users do their jobs using technology. I work for a local water/electric utility if that helps with any ideas.

I'm just interested in ideas, thought of no better place to go than /."

Submission + - Which Certifications are the best/most marketable? 3

MattSausage writes: "As an I.T. Supervisor in a distribution center for ten years I was responsible for everything from purchase and setup of various servers, to AS400 systems, from network switches to phone switches, not to mention the help desk was also my territory. I do have a bachelor's in CS, and plenty of experience, but finding myself back on the job market I only now realize I haven't gotten around to getting any certifications. So now I am working to get certified in various programs related to I.T. My question is which ones have the Slashdot community found to be the most desirable? Are Cisco Certifications the way to go? MSCE? Others? I really am in the dark as I basically had my previous job straight out of college and never really examined the need for Certifications before. If it is related to the Information Technology field I'm interested."

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