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Comment Re:"Dry wine"? (Score 1) 204

huh of course the alcohol evaporates. the alcohol cloud is what burns when you pour liquor in a pan and set it aflame. try it: heat some liquor in a pan and light it (be careful and use less than half a cup). now repeat but wait with the ignition for a minute or so. it will not burn because the alcohol has been drifted away already.

Comment Re:Why can't police solve the case themselves? (Score 2) 374

The french police was right though: they didn't know a child was missing, and it was clear this had been a professional assassination. Fortunately a policeman in the countryside does not encounter such murders regularly enough to warrant the technical knowledge to research the murder scene. Therefor a specialised time from Paris was called in, who gave specific instructions *not to touch* the crime scene.

Moreover, they had flown a heli with a heatseaking camera to find additional victims, and as soon as they received information that the child was missing they did search the car.

So no incompetent cops there, just a very sad story.

Comment Re:Summary (Score 2, Informative) 497

what!? Did you even read their statement?

3) We are a very active participant in the ARM Linux kernel. For the latest 3.4 ARM kernel – the next-gen kernel to be used on future Linux, Android, and Chrome distributions – NVIDIA ranks second in terms of total lines changed and fourth in terms of number of changesets for all employers or organizations.

(emphasis mine)

Unless you yourself are even more active in Linux then they are, it would be more appropriate for them to say to you ... Fuck You.

Comment Re:Companies suing companies? But, but........ (Score 1) 115

Warning: Water is wet. (Oops, EU says you can't say that.)

you might want to research that story a bit further than just the initial headline. It turned out the claim was that bottled water is a medicine against dehydration (a medical condition). Not all forms of dehydration are cured by drinking water, and in some situations it is even harmful to the patient. So common sense prevailed and the claim was struck down.

Now if you want to have an argument about the quality of British press (who first ran the story), that's an entirely different topic.

Comment Re:Possibly the coolest cyberwar article I've read (Score 1) 131

the trouble with your argument is that it puts the means above the ends. Of course Jews should be respected and be able to live peacefully, just like any other human being. What people, like the GP, are saying is that the means employed by Israel do not respect the right of other human beings. That behaviour is not only morally saddening, it's feeding terrorism.

Comment A mixup and immediate corrective action (Score 1) 143

After reading the article and watching the video: what seemed to have happened is that the Labour party voted in favor by accident (some sort of mix up apparently), this was recognized immediately and the further procedure was halted until the error could be repaired. So nothing to see here, move along...

Comment Re:he's right (Score 1) 680

your sarcasm is misplaced and your assumptions unnecessary. if you want to see how multiple track systems work, look outside the US. For instance the essence of this system in The Netherlands:

- the primary school offers a single track system. Children advancing to secondary school receive a qualitative assessment from the primary school for the track they will likely be most fit for. The qualitative (and thus subjective) assessment is extended with a qualitative assessment ( a test ).

- students start secondary school with one or two years of single track education, before the school decides which track they will be allowed to attend

- students are able to downgrade and upgrade their track, depening on results and approval from school.

In practice the system works quite well, with some issues here and there (for instance there is no real feedback loop from secondary to primary school, so primary teachers don't really learn whether their subjective recommendations are any good).

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