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Comment Re:Are people still playing this? (Score 1) 135

I believe the majority of the people that have stuck with the game are huge fans of the Star Wars franchise. Most everyone else has left the game because, well, it is bad. The game does not stand on its own and if you are not a Star Wars fanboy then the negatives do not outweigh the positives. The only really great thing I continuously hear about the game is its story. However, I have played the game and was immensely bored by the story. So, again, it seems as though only those that are real fans of Star Wars enjoy this game. The mechanics and gameplay remind me a lot of how Vanguard: Saga of Heroes felt. Bad.

Comment Ridiculous (Score 5, Interesting) 169

Good luck getting through an airport if your job has you work with chemicals, explosives, etc. I hear a lot of EOD tech's in the military often complain about the difficulty they have getting through an airport because of residual traces of explosives being detected by dogs. If this technology is as accurate as it is made out to be then nobody could travel the week of July 4th because they are all terrorists hiding explosives in their rectum's. Break out the gloves and strip search that 11 year old in front of their parents! Seriously, the TSA and DHS need to be abolished, this sensationalist security crap is not doing anything but harassing everyday people and systematically making our country into a police state.

Comment Why? (Score 3, Informative) 133

I can understand why the RIAA and MPAA would be interested in this happening, by why would an ISP want to do this? The act of monitoring the activity of their customers requires a lot of dedication to packet capturing and inspection which would cost a lot of money. From a business standpoint, embarking on this conquest to monitor every single customer is a bad idea because no revenue will be generated by doing this. The only reason I can think of for ISP's to do this is that they are being paid to do so by the RIAA and MPAA, that is the only way they would spend money on this program when it does not generate more revenue from their customers. So what is happening here is two big industries are paying members of another industry to violate the privacy of their customers for financial gain. I wonder where we will see this next if this succeeds. Perhaps the porn industry will pay ISP's to track their customers porn habits so that they can effectively market to those individuals. There is a wide variety of possibilities so long as they isn't illegal. You could argue that pirating is illegal and that is why this differs from other situations, but who the hell made the RIAA and MPAA into legal institutions? They aren't getting court orders to have ISP's snoop on customers, there is no court system here.

Comment Re:Humans are supposed to be vegan... (Score 1) 487 Hell, Cow's milk is essential only for their calf, and only when they are growing, just like human breast milk for their children. It is a myth that more milk is good for our bones and yadda yadda. The USDA pushes the milk campaign to keep making money.

Comment Paid for by the USDA (Score 1) 487

The healthy eating debate is only one side of this whole argument. Although, I tend to agree we American's need to eat way less meat for health reasons. The real issue is that the meat industry in the U.S. alone produces 15% of the WORLD'S green house gases, which is much more than the entire world's transportation. Maybe instead of making hybrid cars we should be looking at the meat industry to cut down on green house gases, it would certainly be more effective. Again, 15% of the entire world's green house gas emissions come from the U.S. meat industry, which shows how ridiculous the amount of meat that we eat is compared to the rest of the world. America is also the most overweight country, wonder if there is any correlation here? Rhetorical question, overeating meat is a large contributor to our unhealthiness in America and has been linked to increasing all sorts of health risks. Meat is not bad, I really REALLY love meat, but we need moderation for, not only our individual health, but the health of the entire planet.

Comment Bad now, good later (Score 1) 531

Going out to mine an asteroid may seem like a real bad idea at first, but for the exact same reasons that going to the moon seemed like a bad idea. There is no real monetary gain from doing so, in fact its a huge money sink. Also, it could be dangerous. However, the mission to the moon forced us to invent so many new technologies and research a lot of different avenues in order to make it happen. Without the mission to the moon there is no doubt we would not be as advanced as we currently are. I would argue that embarking on a mission to mine an asteroid would have a similar effect. In order for this to work we have to improve on the autonomy of robots, we have to figure out how to control an asteroid and establish an orbit around the moon (possible application not only for mining, but for preventing an asteroid collision with the Earth) and we also need to figure out a more efficient way to travel in space. All good things, and I don't doubt we would make all the money back by exploiting the new technology we have to develop.

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