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Comment Re:Reached good enough. (Score 1) 104

I'd feel the same way... except for, as with nearly every phone I've owned, the headphone jack no longer functions well!

Motorola: This isn't that hard a concept! *Reinforce the damn jack.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to an unlocked Gen2 Moto-X. My Gen1 is not quite so snappy in its old age and I want the better camera and storage too.

Comment Re:checks on the system (Score 2) 406

Since what I'm replying to is Anonymous and ergo 0 scored I'll give 'er a bump:

They are not saying: "If you're disabled you no longer need to prove it!"

They ARE saying: "Hey we already know you're disabled and have a school loan so we're going to be nice for a change and ease the process of getting you off of our ledger."

This is a specific bulk cleanup operation for existing people in this situation not a change of ongoing policy.

You can now return to not caring about the details and arguing...

Comment Re:Really...??? (Score 3, Insightful) 157

Article clearly written by someone who doesn't understand what a "recall" is. These happen all the time to nearly if not every vehicle. Given how much these cars cost, I'm pretty sure Elon can afford the maybe couple million this recall will cost tops (and that's retail cost of the part... you *know they're not actually spending retail cost on the replacement parts and the labor is virtually nil to replace a seat)

Spin being what it is this article could have easily been written to the headline "Tesla continues to ensure delivered vehicles are top-notch!" with similar content to the summary including that they are voluntarily recalling 2700 vehicle despite no known failures in the wild. Spending low 7 figures so they their customers can know they are safe to the best of Tesla's ability.

Instead they are casting this in a negative light and spreading fear. I have no need to blow sunshine up Elon's ass but I really can't stand journalists who's only talent is playing off of people's fears.

Comment Thinking, as we know it, is dead! (Score 1) 123

Insert BOLD claim here to get attention because I'm lonely.

DevOps, as we know it, is dead. Perhaps not many people agree with me

Should have stopped right there.. because the next sentence fragment should be "because I'm a raving lunatic who doesn't understand the words coming out of my mouth"

Comment Re:Difficulty? (Score 1) 908

Thanks for the great comment.. such a rarity on /. these days.

It's been a long time since I was in High School math and even 1 year after I graduated they had completely transformed how the course flow / requirements are so I don't even know how my own High School does it these days BUT at least when I went through I was in a group of advanced studies kids who were all promoted in middle school to be ahead by a year or two from the regular curriculum. SO for Algebra II we were in a class mostly filled with the 'normal' track kids from the grade above. After that we were the rare group who even got exposed to Calculus and for senior year we didn't even really have a class.. it was called "Advanced Topics" and honestly turned into a study hall since the only teachers qualified to teach high level math were forced to retire during a budget crunch.

All that being said: Algebra II was easy for us BUT watching the normal-track kids struggle the Algebra wasn't the problem. Our "Algebra II" class was actually "Algebra II / Trig / Pre-Calc". Some kids had trouble with the Trig part just because it's a lot of memorization which not everyone is good at but the real killer was the Pre-Calc part. The students who were clearly not headed towards a mathematical career couldn't even grasp the basic concepts let alone the real meat of the course. Converting that class to more of a "Algebra II / Stats / Applications of Math" class would probably do them a lot of good. The biggest issue I see with math is the real-world connection that just isn't made by a lot of math teachers. The Meme of "High School Math was terrible because I never use Algebra in my daily life" is so widely believed yet nearly everyone uses Algebra at least indirectly every day of their lives. Spending some time in that class connecting those dots would go a long way towards giving those students the drive or even interest to know the material. "Oh hey... I'm actually going to use this stuff!"

Leave the Pre-Calc / Calc / etc for those of us who are headed towards fields that need that level of math. I'm an engineer and I can't remember the last time I did even a basic derivative or integration or differential although at least I know that a lot of what I do came from someone doing such math in the past :)

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 1) 622

Good candidates for Darwin awards.

I've been tired and left the brain power to my Google Maps App plenty of times and yes occasionally it leads me a bit wrong BUT I already looked at the map for a second and had a general idea of where it was taking me. If you're headed on an hour long trip and you're not double checking your GPS hours or days later sorry bud... that's on you. People will blame technology for all sorts of idiocy... nothing new here... move along.

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