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Comment Re:Already happens (Score 1) 112

This just in, arrest warrants issued for 92% of American females between the ages of 12 and 17.

Well, such a warrant would be a great DDoS on law enforcement as a whole, wouldn't it? So one could argue that the teenagers won the battle...

Comment Re:rabit from the moon (Score 1) 196

It's pretty easy:
  1. Let's assume that a standard rabbit continuously emits 310 K (that's about 37' C or 99' F for all you types thinking in those old-fashioned units). Further, let's assume that it emits this heat over the area of 0.1 square meter, continuously.
  2. To obtain the same with Libraries of Congress (LoC for short) we first need to convert its information to heat. This can be easily done by burning books.
  3. As we all know paper burns at 506 K (that's 451' F if you don't quite remember). A standard A4 page has about 0.062 square meters, a letter page about 0.06 square meters. We'll assume 0.061 for further calcuations.
  4. As 1 LoC contains 32 Mbooks and 61 Mmanuscripts, counting on average 250 pages per book and 100 pages per manuscript we get 14.1 Gpages.
  5. Now we do simple math and we obtain that we need to burn 71 pLoC (picoLoc) to emit the same heat as 1 rabbit. As we need to emit that heat continuously this gives burning 71 pLoc / s.

And you can see now why they gave you old-fashioned rabbit instead of uniformly accepted units - 71pLoC/s does not sound too sexy.

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