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Comment Re:Hardest case they will ever try... (Score 1) 195

Actually it is fools like you that might let this case see the inside of a courtroom when it should be thrown out post haste on the lack of merits. Google offers a service that *YOU* chose to use. They base their results on an algorithm that factors in popularity and how much the advertiser has paid to be moved up on the search ladder. So in google's best interest is to take the money from the advertisers and move their own products down since they gain no money from them. A small problem occurred though. Google makes better programs so the advertisers paying get upset and claim google is screwing them. The problem is they are being screwed by putting out an inferior product. (Although I agree with the google map fiasco.) This is a case that the government will not only lose but will really highlight how incompetent our government really is.

Comment Re:Proof? (Score 1) 195

Nope. And therein lies the issue. This is a play from other companies that can't compete with google. The problem is that the reason they cannot compete is google is still better. So Like Apple they are suing the crap out of better competitors to try and regain dominance.

Comment Re:Not sure I care what Bill Nye thinks (Score 1) 259

And wikipedia is a bastion of truth right?

Once again religion =/= organized religion. Yes the catholic church is responsible for a multitude of atrocities. Hell pick me a church and I am sure we can find atrocities attributed to them. That is the church(an organization) not the religion. Think of it like statistics. Anyone can take religion and bend it to their point of view. Much like statistics, it does not render the underlying numbers invalid. It just skews the results.

Comment Re:Not sure I care what Bill Nye thinks (Score 1) 259

Examples of "supernatural" (a.k.a. bullshit) claims that science can help answer:

* Does prayer work to cure the sick? Sciences indicates no. - As pointed out this actually has been shown to work. Sure it is a placebo effect but it worked.

* Was the world formed in six days? Science indicates no. - Who is defining the days?

* Did Noah get every species onto a boat? Science indicates no. - Actually scientists think he did get all of the species in his region. But remember at that time the world was what was close to you. It never said he got all the animals on the planet. Just in his world.

* Are we reincarnated? Sciences indicates no. Now we are jumping into hinduism? Although I will agree reincarnations does seem to be impossible based on our current scientific knowledge.

These can all be proved negative to my satisfaction.

Then you need to improve your level of deductive reasoning and realize there is so much we still need to learn about the universe.

I didn't say science has anything to say about religion. Science is merely the act of trying to find answers with reason, and proving it with evidence. It's not a religion - it doesn't say a thing.

You are correct it doesn't, yet you seem to be using it as your religion.

I said "Anyone who truly understands science is..." not "Science is...". People who understand science see people being swindled by religion all the time - people are hurt by religion. Think about the babies raped in Africa to "cure HIV" - this is an extreme example of a false belief that is widely shared - basically a disorganised religion. If these people thought scientifically, they wouldn't do that. Same with faith healers, fortune telling, cold reading, greedy evangelists, stoned women etc.

You are making a fatal error here. Religion =/= Organized religion. You have a beef with organized religion. A bastion that uses real religion to accomplish non religious goals. Remember it was the Catholic church (an organization) that was the main oppressor of scientific advance. Not the religion of christianity. Rail against the extreme right and their misguided policies that are not based on their religion but on their "church" all you want and I will support that. But do not state that religion and science cannot co-exist.

Comment Re:Not just Amazon, Apple too. (Score 1) 90

Actually this all started because of Apple wanting to try and monopolize the e-book market. They created an 'Agency Pricing' format that precluded other companies from selling e-books at a level lower than Apple's prices and if they didn't agree to this they could not sell books from that publisher.

Comment Re:Reviews: how not to write them (Score 1) 460

Known as the Peeters report, after lead author P.M. Peeters, the authors of Plane Simple Truth refute the wide-spread belief that the fuel efficiency gains in the commercial aviation sector are erroneous, which is the principle theme of the Peeters report."

The authors of Plane Simple Truth are known as the Peeters report; the authors are named after lead author P.M. Peeters. The authors demonstrate that the principle theme of the Peeters report, namely that there have been significant fuel efficiency gains in the commercial aviation sector, is correct, contrary to wide-spread beliefs.

There, fixed that for you.

Actually the authors of Plane Simple Truth are refuting the authors of the Peeters report which claim that the fuel efficiency gains in the commercial aviation sector are erroneous.

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