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Comment Re:Mod parent up. (Score 5, Informative) 466

As someone who knows a bit about the origins of NT, with regard to Windows NT, you are full that substance that leads to substantial growth in the business...

Windows NT first several beta's booted using the OS2LDR.EXE file from prerelease versions of OS/2 2.0. The first thing you saw on the console was "OS2LDR.EXE ...". Eventually OS2LDR.exe got renamed, but it remained the same through at least the first release (I left Micrografx before the next release of Windows NT came out). In the end, Windows NT was more secure than it was when it started, but it was not "secure".

Windows NT was not designed for security -- The first version was hacked together using bits of OS/2 2.0 code, ports of existing Windows code, etc. For the record, I worked at Micrografx when they (a) had source code and early binaries of Windows NT, and (b) was part of the team that worked on OS/2.

With regard to your spurious example implying ACLs make something secure, again, you've been shoveling out the stables. ACLs do not make something secure (they may contribute to a security solution) and the lack of ACLs does not make something insecure. Security is not about how you achieve something, security is about what is achieved. Fundamentally, the only truly secure computer is one that not connected to a network, kept behind several locked doors, with guards that are so well paid or loyal such that they cannot be bribed. This goes on and on, no software added after security is certified, no external access other than keyboard, no externally accessible disk drives/cdrom/usb, etc. Everything else is a careful balancing act of risk, vulnerabilities, and mitigation.

Comment The Republicans are at it again ... (Score 2, Funny) 254

Its obvious, that in order to be more eco-friendly and healthy, the central-black holes in democratically controlled galaxies have gone free-range to avoid contributing to universal warming. Its the damn republican black hole at the center of the Milky Way, sitting there, denying universal climate change that needs to be shown the error the of its ways. I say, lets raise taxes on republican black holes so that we can share the wealth and help the black holes in poorer, predominantly democratic galaxies become empowered, thus giving them the opportunity to become free-range black holes.

Comment Re:World's Finest? (Score 1) 90

More importantly, look at the qualifying and qualification challenge pages on the website. Please explain to me how these pages qualify the worlds's finest developers. Development is significantly more than the ability to write an application using only the Java 5 "libraries" (their word, not mine) and to do so in a single source code file. Oh, and you have to have a high speed internet connection, which is obviously a bona fide occupational requirement for membership in the "world's finest developer" club. Personally, anybody that does anything in a single Java source code file of the complexity described should be barred from writing Java code ever again. IMHO, the competion should be restated to be using "anybody we can find, that has a high speed connection, is willing to record everything, and doesn't mind hacking till the cows come home."

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