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Comment My experience in a Faraday cage (Score 2) 123

I was wondering if it maybe actually lends credence to people who claim they have allergies to various types of EM.

I was wondering the same thing. Last year I was involved in the construction of a large (4 meter cube) copper-screened Faraday cage for 100Kv partial discharge testing. When we buttoned it up, I went inside and closed the door. It was oddly quiet - even though it was simply screen. At the time, I wondered if there was something to the idea that our brain was susceptible to RF energy. It was strangely peaceful and enjoyable.

Comment Re:Action Required !! (Score 1) 382

If this is actually a credible report, then the U.S. government needs to stop funding the rebuilding/construction of areas that are CURRENTLY under sea level like New Orleans and the dikes and berms around it.

New Orleans was built on the high ground. But over time, parts of it slowly sank into the soft marshland underneath. There is no way they will abandon it. It's cheaper to continue to keep the water out. And it is mostly state and local money being spent, so let the locals vote with their pocketbook. I'm glad, because it is indeed a very special place.

Comment Re: lightning strike (Score 5, Insightful) 141

Bullshit. I used to design high voltage connections, and tested using a 300kV impulse generator. I've seen a lot of crazy stuff analyzing field failures. You can greatly reduce the risk, but you cannot remove all risk in an above ground facility, as a practical matter.

I do see lots of silly stuff done, based on myth and lack of knowledge.

Comment Utilities use Aluminum (Score 1) 288

Tin, nickel, gold, copper, steel... what haven't I seen used for connectors? Aluminum, that's about it. I think we all know why, but the sparks that shot out of the outlets in the mobile home in which I spent many of my formative years due to oxidation of the aluminum wiring are a big clue if anyone doesn't

Electric Power Utilities are heavy users of tin-plated aluminum connectors. They are normally used with aluminum cable, so you don't have fewer issues with thermal expansion, etc.

Using aluminum cable with copper connectors will generally result in cold-flow degradation of the connection, leading to overheating and fire.

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