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Comment Re:Console games to follow (Score -1, Troll) 418

Now, I am completely saddened by this requirement because I am traveling and on a bad internet connection most of the time. I would really really like to play the new SimCity, but since my internet already breaks so often, I don't I am capable to. However, I don't think it's the publishers fault. I blame people who just pirate games for the hell of it for it. They made mine, and many other PC gamers shitty with that. Back home I have a good internet connection, and I can completely see the reasoning from publishers to require constant internet connection. I also understand that I am in minority, playing games while traveling the world. But the piracy rate is 90% on PC, even on indie games. The only way we can change that is to stop pirating. Publishers need to protect their investment too - so please, stop pirating PC games so we can have them in the future!

Comment Timmeey! (Score 4, Funny) 203

Timothy looks at Pixel Qi
Timothy checks out Ubuntu TV
Timothy Gets a MakerBot Replicator Demo at CES
Timothy Lord Checks Out Keyboards & Tech At CES
Timothy Lord @ Metrix Create:Space in Seattle
Timothy Lord Checks Out Steve Jackson Games' Latest

what you think about it, and what kind of videos you'd like to see

We want more videos were timothy checks out and looks at things!

Comment Re:The Most Secure Mobile OS (Score 3, Informative) 291

IOS jailbreaks are based on LOCAL root exploits. You have to have it in hand to jailbreak it. There is no drive-by jailbreak available.

For years all that was needed to jailbreak iOS was just visiting a website. Those websites remotely exploited Safari and iOS to gain root access and jailbreak the phone. The same exploits work for malware too.

Comment Re:The Most Secure Mobile OS (Score 1) 291

It's the dancing pigs problem. Most Linux users know what they are doing and don't run random executables off the internet. If Linux had the same market share, it would have the same problems as Windows. Just look at what has recently happened with Mac OS X - as the market share increased, it started getting trojans too. True exploits against OS are rare now a days. The most exploited factor is between the screen and chair.

And no, repositories on Linux wouldn't solve this problem. If Linux had the market share, there would need to be a way to install programs and games from other than the distro repos. Such system works fine for servers and small amount of geeks who use Linux on desktop, but on large scale it doesn't work. Even most FOSS people are actually against this model - just look at the "walled garden" comments against iOS and WP7 on Slashdot.

Comment Re:The Most Secure Mobile OS (Score 5, Insightful) 291

This is true for the same reasons that a decade ago Mac OSX was considered more secure than Windows. Its a function of install base. As soon as Windows Phone has 100's of million of users exploits will be published.

You mean Linux itself isn't better security wise either, it's just that the (desktop) market share is so low?

Comment The Most Secure Mobile OS (Score 3, Informative) 291

Both Android and iOS have been plagued with exploits. Android has tons of trojans, while iOS has remote exploits (most of those iPhone jail breaking methods are based on remote root exploits). The only current smartphone OS that is safe against exploits and vulnerabilities is Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has really improved their security within the last 5 years - even on the desktop Windows most exploits are against third party apps like Flash or Java, not Windows itself.

So, if you want to get a smartphone that is safe against exploits and malware, Windows Phone 7 is your only answer. I would suggest some of the Nokia phones - people have been really happy with them.

Comment Re:What about ladyboys/shemales? (Score 2) 270

Yeah it's all fun and games until you see that she has a dick, and yours goes soft instantly, and then feels like it's retracting into your body. Well, that's how it works for me and most guys who call themselves straight anyways. There's a reason guys prank each other with galleries of "hot women" who are revealed to have a dick in the final pic.

And do you have a real life experience of this, or are you basing it on someone surprising you with such image on the internet? Because in real life it is quite different. I used to think just like that, and still somewhat do, but it only applies to internet. In real world, not so much, if the "girl" is nice looking.

Comment Re:What about ladyboys/shemales? (Score 4, Interesting) 270

The only thing making ladyboys "way more cuter" than actual females is your fetish for them.

No amount of surgery makes them look like actual females without extensive makeup and photo angles taken to compliment a feature or to exaggerate one.

I say this as someone who is not against gays or transgender people. In fact, I have many LGBT friends and even some in the family... so it's not a bias, just stating what I see. I guess much the same way you are, but your fetish is clouding your eyesight.

I can personally say that this is not true. Not based on some images on the internet, but real life experience. Granted, I do live in Thailand and the ladyboys here are generally more feminine and look more like women than in western countries, but the point stands. Of course, there are also many that don't really pass that, but then there are those true gems too. Just last week I met one ladyboy who I sure as hell wouldn't had recognized as such if it weren't for the established I was at.

It has nothing to do with general fetish towards ladyboys. For the most part they don't interest me that much. Which of course is true for many "real" women too. However, she had spent the time and effort to make herself look beautiful and she really was. Sat down, had a few drinks, kissed some, went back to apartment and had some fun. Her "special" parts didn't matter, and why would they. I know geeks like to put everything into binary code and either 0 or 1, but in real life it's not that simple. And no, I'm not gay - I just don't discriminate ladyboys just for the fact that they have at one time been men. It's stupid to limit yourself like that if you otherwise like someone or think she looks nice.

Comment Re:What about ladyboys/shemales? (Score 0, Troll) 270

I know, but that is the general feel I've got when mentioning someone is a shemale. Now, I am not personally one, but I've both spend time casually (drinking beers out etc) and dated a few ladyboys, some of whom are way more cuter and beautiful than actual females. On top of that they are much more pleasant to be with and don't have crazy moments like women. They are also much less lazy than woman. And of course, best sex I've ever had with women has been with ladyboys.

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