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Comment Re:Cheaper beer (Score 1) 264

You mean two End-Of-Life (EOL) operating systems that even MICROSOFT won't be supporting anymore unless significant multi tens of million dollar contracts are signed are better than a platform that can be automated to be updated to the latest service patches and allowed to evolve with custom and open source frameworks that taxpayers can then use themselves providing a double return on investment?

Comment Re:This should be good! (Score 2) 611

you sir are must be a whole sack of hammers short of an passable IQ if you think linking to a personal wordpress blog with individual posts by this Schorender guy is any form of peer reviewed tested in occam's razor scientific rigor tested explanation to use metaphysics to explain the physical world. You know who was also a scientist and had a PhD ... Ted Kaczynski

Comment Re:living in america :( (Score 2, Informative) 668

2007, around $74 billion was spent on corrections. The total number of inmates in 2007 in federal, state, and local lockups was 2,419,241. That comes to around $30,600 per inmate. In 2005, it cost an average of $23,876 dollars per state prisoner. State prison spending varied widely, from $45,000 a year in Rhode Island to $13,000 in Louisiana. $4,020 is the basic cost of raising each child per year as estimated by the Department of Health and Human Services for 2013, whether there is one child or many children. The total basic cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 is by their estimates $389,670, based on the 30 year average inflation rate of 3% increasing the $4,020 annual cost every year. According to Globalissues.org, "Almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day." This statistic includes children. Using $2.50 a day, the cost is roughly US$900 for raising a child for a year, and US$16,500 for raising a child from birth to age 17 As per the cost of public education spending Colorado, for instance ranks ninth nationally in "quality" of education but spent an average of $9,155 per student in 2009, putting it among the 10 states spending the least per pupil. Wyoming though ranked 29th in quality spending the most averaging $18,068 per student. Alaska, ranked 41st for its education quality, spent an average of $16,174 per student. Overall, the U.S. spent an average of $11,665 per student. Prison stats Sources: http://bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/p08.pdf http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/28/us/28cnd-prison.html?_r=0 http://www.pewstates.org/uploadedFiles/PCS_Assets/2008/one%20in%20100.pdf Education stats sources: http://www.nationaljournal.com/thenextamerica/education/analysis-how-much-states-spend-on-their-kids-really-does-matter-20121016

Comment Re:confused (Score 0) 61

As a dyslexic Imagine this problem for text books. All the services in the world will not allow you to get a ebook version that can be read by a screenreader or even get an digital audio book version of it either. If you do get a digital audio version, its on audio tape with a special player that has a modified nob to allow them to record are the shittiest telephone call level audio you can imagine. When they finally did move to CDs where I went to school they were CDS that required a CD player the size of a shoe box that had a special pin code I had to enter in for each chapter i read. It was a joke. And here is the real rub, I still have to pay for the textbook and show them the receipt to get this. And most of the time the audio book they send ISN'T EVEN THE RIGHT EDITION OF THE BOOK! If I was blind I could just get the brail book that is a simple to read PDF or even raw text file. That could then be used wit ha text to speech software in a brail reader. The WIPO treaty is the worst thing because even this simple supported feature will soon be gone. If they keep doing this I'm gonna start showing everyone I know how i pirated my text books. How I made my own audio textbooks. I'm tired of knowledge being locked down by those with the power they think they have over it. It's total bullshit.

Comment Re:Universal service. (Score 0) 601

Not just that but if the lines made with these taxes went to pay for open access fiber that couldn't be owned by anyone but the us citizens then that would also make me happy. Verizon and Comcast and other private Cable operators have completely blocked and killed off independent competition because of outrageous "leased line" fees for other service providers on top of fees to consumers for "Naked phone lines" in the case of DSL over copper. Comcast doesn't even have to allow 3rd party providers though. If we had an open access network to provide competition over then I would be a very happy man to pay that tax any day.

Comment Re:Welcome to the New World Order, Where Privacy i (Score 0) 550

We need to take a book out of what they do in New Zealand, Germany, and several other countries. We need to open source the technology behind the voting machines like they do in Australia and we need to have it become a standard system that requires your identification card you carry on you and take a photo as well just so that things can be vetted and secured. Photo identification on the poll taker part for verification is used in many countries. It doesn't put the issue on the actual voter then. I personally don't care about using my finger print or retina or something for multi part verification for my vote or even a password and check in system, we can send in our IRS taxes via the internet, why can't we vote that way too? I mean hell our taxes are far scarier with far more information that could ruin us than our vote. I would also say we need to make voting mandatory, even if you says I abstain you are on the record saying i abstain, just like senators and congressmen have to as well. Second we need to force the private donations out, I know you are gonna have some one bitch about this but since you have people with more money getting more voice than people who don't have money its a modern day Land owners only can vote kind of law. Anyone without a million dollars to throw someones way now make the average american who doesn't have the ability to afford lobbyists, or buy 10,000 dollar plates for campaign fundraiser dinners we the world poor are now 3/5's a vote to our rich land owners then. We are now salves in a whole new way to this system of private campaign donations. If you really want to see change we need to have a general fund that shared to everyone. We also need to have forced times like how we have the emergency broadcast system to inject the campaign videos of only the candidate on the screen talking about his views on issues. Those videos will be required to be played if you got so many signatures in the market or district that advertising is played and then also once you get to the final elections they are played during prime time. No more money for private groups or political parties. If the political parties get donations they can only use them to put into the general fund and pay for the federal printing office to print signs. No more money can be used to pay for more ads unless it comes from the general fund which is partial tax money and partial multi-party donation support. All chips in as the people running represent everyone if they get in this isn't a game of winning this is matter of representing 100% of your area not only the 51% that voted you in. Third we need to break up the political parties. We currently have what is tantamount to a political duopoly, The smaller parties are only filled with extremists on both sides and the idea of neutral middle is gone. Both democrats and republicans are just two sides of the same coin just one is more "Christian moral" conservative than the other. We need to force it so that no less than nine (9) major political parties exist at any one time with no more than 20% control. I want to see people be forced to compromise and move the ball down the field as a team to make the world better for everyone, not just those who donated to them or those they align them self with. We need to have other parties on equal footing with the current parties to keep politicians clean. We need balance and you can't have polar + or - any more you need to have the multiple voices of direction come together and not tow party line if they think where the party is going is wrong and can easily switch parties while in office if they want to. Also i think we need to make the congressional rep time to a one time term of four (4) years, senators can run for a one time term of six (6) years and the president is the only one that is able to run for multiple terms but for two terms of five (5) years. For the president though you had to have been a senator or a congressional rep as well. Also the cycle fo the elections again have to be off from the other ones so on odd years you have presidential election and even you have senate and congressional. Lastly I think the electoral college needs to go away. I think the direct vote is important and if we make it so that election days are national holidays or state holidays that go over a weekend as to allow everyone time to vote then i think you won't even need the electoral college. The biggest thing is now you win by dirty politics in which you just frustrate the voter so they don't even come out to vote. they put fewer polling stations in minority areas and fewer locations. Its a gamed system and it pisses me off but we can't give up as if we don't vote we loose what we have and allow it to just be washed away.

Comment Re:It was part of his job (Score 1) 267

The company is a cheesy blog company that is pay per click bate its just another tech blog that does it because they could. He started the twitter feed to stay in contact with this followers on the site and now they are suing him? Well if your job tells you to go and buy a phone for a job and when you quite do they get to keep your phone because you did it on their order? If they wanted to have followers they should have just used their own twitter feed. This is like saying joshua trapolsky should have given up his twitter feed when he founded the This is my next with the rest of the exiting Engadget staff after the HuffPo Aol/weblogs Merger.

Comment Re:I am an HFT programmer (Score 1) 791

But in the end i have to ask does what you do really matter? You're making a better arm lever for a slot machine system that greed driven people game and manipulate. You might not care what you build, but you are part of a system that promotes a status quo of apathy. The work you do it just another vector that put us on a path to the world wide economic shit storm we have now. What is 500,000 dollars really worth when you could have taken those skills and gotten us to the stars? You could have wrote a program that solved the folding errors of prions. You could have wrote a program that could calculate similar ways of producing the same drugs cheaper. I say you are a wasted talent and it saddens me that the majority of graduated with math degrees and comp sci degrees from top universities are joining you in further bringing a faster "real-time" end to any shining bright academics solving issues for the good of humanity. All because they rather be paid 500,000 for their soul.

Comment Journalistic Podcaster & News Reporter need (Score 2) 281

As tech journalist and podcaster Skype has been the backbone of the industry for doing remote interviews. But to record it is a hack at best. Who ever makes a FOSS Video / Audio HD multiple guest video confrence software please allow for individual recording of the streams of audio and video. Skype technically could have done this but muxxed the audio from multiple guests together, the video then could be layered as different video layers using plugins on the mac side like Call Recorder. But If anything allowing for people to record multiple video sources would be key. I was originally planning a sit down with reps from TWiT, Revision3, AOL, PBS, & PixelCorps to have a sit down with Skype engineers to hopefully address these issues but the meeting was canceled a month before the announcement of the purchase from Microsoft. I understand why now. Some of the basic wishes from everyone was that skype might: 1) Split Video and Audio channels to make them accessible to 3rd party developers. 2) Remote starts and built-in recording... so everyone can double end record for higher quality 3) Higher Quality Video, in the 720p and 1080p range 4.) Dedicated connection support as to not have random changes in in audio / video quality 5.) Output of video channels for software video switchers and streamers like Telestreams Wirecast Pro

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