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Comment Re:HTML5 / CSS / Javascript (Score 1) 383

Yep! C/C++ over anything web and javascript. The JS kids can't understand C++ to save their lives. It's why most web pages eat a ton of RAM and take a core to 100%. C/C++ raises the bar of developer quality. So less shitty applications. That is what I care for. I firmly believe that 90% of programmers should be fired and not allowed to touch computers in order to make a better world.

Comment Re:Agile! (Score 1) 74

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. You need to have the whole pipeline ready in order to show anything on the screen. That is, even a simple triangle. You are either able to show it or not. And for about 3 months, there was nothing to show on the screen until the pipeline was ready. And yes, a graphics renderer really is 'sooooo complicated' as you put it.

Comment Re:Agile! (Score 1) 74

You have just described a sane development model. Unfortunately for most shops, agile means delivering something barely working in order to satisfy some moron and then spend some more time trying to refactor and get rid of garbage so you can move forward to the next sprint. So basically, in 2 weeks you get around 7 days of development because you spend 3 getting ready for the demo and dismantling the pilled up shit that was necessary to get the demo going. Which is highly inefficient and leads to a lot of waste and redone work. Agile means: get it done till the end of the next week or else.

Comment Re:Agile! (Score 1) 74

Wow you should really consider politics. My BS meter is off the charts. Last September I started working on making a port to Android for a game engine. The first step was to create a GLES3 backend and then to make it work on Android. So the first 'sprint' took until January and the second until mid-February. Tell me exactly how do you write user stories for an OpenGL backend? It either works or it doesn't. There is no in between. There was nothing for me to show right until the end when I started getting things on screen, fixed a few last bugs and there it was, working. Literally, until the last few weeks there was nothing on the screen. If I had a client that would request a demo every 2 weeks I'd have been fired long ago. Luckily it was an open source project so there were no morons there who used Agile or daily stand ups or poker planning or other BS. Some things take a long time to be made. There is a lot of pre planning, a lot of execution, and a lot of bug fixing. There is no way of iterating this stuff every 2 weeks. Unless you really want to get a lot of churn and make the project take 10 times longer while I create BS mini projects in order to show you progress at every 2 weeks. It either works or it doesn't. No in between. That is why planning is good, it tells you what you should do next. Also, you need to get it right, because you don't want to get the backend working 6 months from now and discover that you didn't need it. Don't iterate, think it through really deep because you probably get only one chance. Don't skip the deep thinking part. This is your make or break part. Still agile people don't want to accept these things...

Comment Agile! (Score 2) 74

Is the cancer of today's software development world. Quality plummets but look at how many releases we can put out per month! Isn't that cool? Features! No QA! Fire them all! It's for the best! Constant refactoring! No need to think ahead just refactor in the next sprint! Redneck programming YEAAAAH! Seriously though... When the hell did this joke become so popular in the dev world? Agile is the antithesis of quality. Did Einstein and others use agile in order to progress science? No? What did they do? They thought long and hard. They didn't try to skip the thinking part in order to get to writing ASAP. So why the hell aren't we trying to emulate the smart guys? Why are we trying to emulate Joe six-pack who just wings it and hopes for the best?

Comment Let's go even further! (Score 3, Insightful) 181

No upper management. And no board. Now that is a scary thought. How would companies run without people in charge? We need someone there don't we? /s I have yet to meet someone in upper management who knows more than his underlings. The reality is that most of the companies would actually run better and make more money if not for idiots in charge. Any time the boss isn't around the company things work smoother and clients are more satisfied. We even joke about it. But these are sad depressing jokes knowing you can't fire the moron who founded the company, even though it would be more successful if we did so.

Comment Learn hardware, assembly and C (Score 1) 312

Understand hardware, understand the inner workings of the PC. After that you'll realize that high level languages are basically syntactic sugar that are sometimes useful but most times obfuscate what is happening down there. I know that this goes against the common theme: learn javascript, learn webscale woot woot now you too can be a hipster brogrammer! Those guys don't know anything. If you know the low level the only problem is that you'll find most high level guys to be pretty limited in their capabilities. Also, you'll be able to learn the latest useless fad much faster when you have a deeper understanding. Unfortunately, you will also see the truth and realize that most languages and frameworks are utter shits written by morons. And that might depress you.

Comment What is your opinion on call center software? (Score 1) 68

I am curious. What do you think is the best call center software? Should companies use open source solutions? Are they on par? Is call center software losing relevancy? Is the market dying? To me it seems that it's a dead end to sell enterprise software that records calls since this is something that has been solved for a while now, so how the hell do these companies still make money in this market? Of course, I may have a completely wrong world-view in this regard. Enterprise sure loves paying yearly licenses just to have somebody to blame.

Comment Japan is a very bureaucratic nation (Score 5, Insightful) 81

They have a lot of paper and are pretty useless with computers. Usually the opposite from what you see in the news about Japan. They aren't that of an advanced nation if you look at the common man. So this shouldn't be a surprise. It's good that they're trying to automate some stuff but it will take some time and they will make some mistakes. Even dumb mistakes like this one.

Comment Did they fire that snotty kid (Score 2, Insightful) 37

that made the front page of that magazine? What was his name... Can't be bothered to look him up. Oculus is a fad for the foreseeable future. I can't believe that guys like Carmack and Michael Abrash bought into it, must've been paid a lot of money. There is no market adoption, everybody says wow for the first 5 minutes and then proceeds to not use it. Most people who bought one aren't using it anymore and it's siting there gathering dust. Also, most PCs aren't powerful enough to really run VR. Also, most games suck. A lot of money invested for embarrassing returns. Wonder what the consequences will be like. Hopefully some asses will get fired for these decisions.

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