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Comment Re:Helpful links for intelligence community devs (Score 1) 275

This wouldn't have helped, according to the article.
They didn't detain him because there was no exact match, despite the fact that there was an order to detain the person and call $superior-authority$ even if there was no exact match.
The problem is the officer that noticed him and didn't take action, not the systems that flagged the person as potential terrorist.

Comment Austrian E-Bike concept from vivax looks better (Score 1) 164

You should take a look at the product of this austrian company if you're looking for good-looking E-Bikes that don't look like E-Bikes at all.
They put their motor in the seat tube and it merely assists the pedaling,
Aside from the battery pack that disguises as a tool-pack right underneath the saddle you can't see it's an electric bicycle on the outside.

Their system is supposed to work in almost any off-the-shelf frame (with limitations for carbon frames).
They also have some carbon frames that work with their system, though apparently this doesn't work with most "stock" carbon-frames.

Have a look at their website:

Comment Re:Rats. It won't QUITE fit on a microSD card... (Score 1) 151

...yet. But I guess most phones won't easily read sqlite databases yet, either.

The structured storage for Android Apps is just SQLite databases. Of course Android doesn't include a database management tool for the end user, but in the background it can read SQLite just perfectly.

Submission + - Record *any* HDMI source @1080p60fps ( 4

phil_banks writes: Connect Wizarm between TV and any HDMI source, and record videos directly from HDMI input, at 1080p resolution.
Wizarm seems to be the only device that can digital recording with all type of HDMI sources, including video games, set-top-box, adsl tv box, blu-ray etc...

With 16Gb embedded memory to store all videos, it's also a media player featuring all possible connections: HDMI 1.4 in/out, Display Port, Wifi a/b/g/n, Gigabit Ethernet, USB3, SATA3, SDHC, SPDIF, Infrared, and analog sound in/out.
It doesn't stop here: you can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 and use it as a remote control or handsfree kit, display incoming calls as overlay on current image!

Check out Indiegogo page or official website below

Comment Re:Public Domain should be the default (Score 1) 96

Git Hub is based in the USA where public domain dedications are well established (see the link in the post you are replying to) so it is very likely that source distributed by Git Hub can be in the public domian. If you are really paranoid you can use the CC0 to dedicate to the public domain or achieve as near as possible an effect.

It doesn't matter where you store your stuff. What matters for which copyright laws to apply is where you (the author) live/what citizenship you have.

You can't transfer ownership in germany at all. You can of course license your works under whatever terms you choose (for example CC0), but Public Domain like in the US where you basically give up any rights on your work forever is impossible here.
That doesn't change just because I publish something in the US or even because I might stay there for a while.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 996

All this will result in is more arrests. The average Joe isn't going to know the difference between .08% and .05%; the only result will be a larger probability in jail time for someone who would otherwise be considered fine to drive today. If we're going to change the numbers in this manner, why not just make it 0% and at least be clear about the message: Drink at all, and you'd better be willing to not drive for a couple of hours.

Wow, do they really put people into jail immediately for drunk driving?
Over here in germany, the worst thing that can happen is you losing your drivers license forever. (That happens if you get caught drunk driving multiple times and over a certain rate).

Normally we have two limits. One hard limit at 0.05% and a soft limit at 0.03%. Once you're over the soft limit, you may drive around, but if you're driving suspiciously or cause an accident that's enough for being punished (usually you have to pay a fine and are banned from driving for a few weeks). Also your insurance might not cover an accident even if you did not cause it when you are above the soft-limit. (Oh and they do not just take the reading of your blood test an hour or two after the accident, but they calculate an estimated blood alcohol for the time of the accident)

Comment Re:It is still on Amazon (Score 1) 211

But given the sheer number of examples posted here of the use of the term, it's not like they can claim they invented it.

Once you decide Marines are the bad-asses who go in first, and once you figure out people will eventually go to space -- it's pretty logical to assume Space Marines, Space Soliders, Space Navy, Space Pilots.

It's a descriptive term -- yes, if you're selling tabletop games called "Space Marines", fine. But these guys really need to be sanctioned for over-stepping their actual trademark. And their lawyers should bloody well have known this didn't apply here.

I don't argue that point. Actually I don't think there should be a difference between usage in an eBook and a paper book.

Games Workshop has a trademark in some Nice classes and assume protection in ebooks because they have now (after registering the trademark) started selling ebooks themselves. Amazon removed the eBook version, but not the Paperback. The logical consequernce is that Games Workshop doesn't even assume any protection in paper books, otherwise they would have asked Amazon to remove the paperback version as well.
At least that's the only way I could explain why the Paperback version is still there.

Comment Re:It is still on Amazon (Score 1) 211

Do you know where the trademark is applicable? People selling games called Space Marines.

Since this is neither, someone's lawyer should refer them to Arkell v Pressdam -- they have absolutely no legal right to the phrase space marine in an ebook, a paper book or anything except the area in which they trademarked it.

Yeah, of course they don't have their trademark protected in eBooks either.
However Games Workshop says that they believe to have a protection in that area as well due to common law because they are now selling ebooks as well and just didn't register that category yet.
Apparently they don't believe to have protection for paper books, whether registered or by common usage.

Not sure if that works in US law, but it does very well work in German law as long as there is no competing trademark in that category.

Comment Re:Google censors (Score 1) 227

Oh, and Twitter is just following the law in Germany, being a neo-nazi or espousing neo-nazi ideas is illegal in Germany.

Is Twitter based in Germany, or a German company?

If not...why the fuck would they have to abide by any laws in Germany?

They don't have to.
They're doing this voluntarily as part of their new policy for working together with law enforcement in different countries.

In order to force twitter into blocking that neo-nazi content, the german judge or prosecutor would need to file an application for international assistance with the US authorities.
That would a) take a long time and there would b) be a good chance that US authorities deny their claim because the understandings and limits of free speech are quite a lot different in germany and the USA.

As far as I know you can tell almost anything and get away with it.
In germany if you publicly speak against the democratic order and/or the basic rights you'll be sentenced to a fine or even to jail.
And that's what these neo-nazi bullshit falls under.

Comment Re:I'm jailbreaking mine. (Score 1) 51

That would be my first, and main reason as well. Same reason i rooted my nook touch, so i could read mobi native.. Having native access to both main formats is far better than having to convert and hope... ( now that both support pdf, that became a non-issue, but the mobi/epub issue is still there )

Having direct access to the both 'markets' for books is good too.

You still need to get rid of either Adobe's or Amazon's DRM, the Jailbreak and software you'll later install will only display free eBooks in the other format.


Submission + - How to catch a tumbling, aging satellite (

coondoggie writes: "How do you catch a speeding, tumbling, aging satellite? Very carefully. Levity aside, the question is central to the plan scientists at DARPA have for catching up to and grabbing old satellites in an effort to ultimately refurbish and reuse the systems. Scientists at DARPA say there are some 1,300 satellites worth over $300B sitting out in Earth's geostationary orbit (GEO) that could be retrofitted or harvested for new communications roles and it designed a program called Phoenix which it says would use a squadron "satlets" and a larger tender craft to grab out-of-commission satellites and retrofit or retrieve them for parts or reuse."

Submission + - Move over 3D, it's time for 4K UHDTV ( 3

MrSeb writes: "After five years of trying to convince us that 3D TVs are the future, it seems TV makers are finally ready to move on — to 4K UHDTV. At the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Sony, Toshiba, and LG are all showing off 84-inch 4K (3840×2160) TVs. These aren’t just vaporware, either: LG’s TV is on sale now in Korea (and later this month in the US), Sony’s is due later this year, and Toshiba will follow in the new year. Be warned, though: all three will cost more than $20,000 when they go on sale in the US — oh, and there's still no 4K Blu-ray spec, and no such thing as 4K broadcast TV.

In other display-related news, Panasonic is showing off a humongous 145-inch 8K (7680x4320) plasma TV, and some cute 20-inch 4K displays — but unfortunately neither are likely to find their way to your living room or office in the near future."


Submission + - Twitter jokes: free speech on trial (

An anonymous reader writes: On 6 January 2010, Paul Chambers typed a flippant tweet that would turn his life upside-down for the next two and a half years. As the courts repeatedly showed a lack of common sense and an ignorance of technology, for a long time it looked as though our right to free speech was under very real threat. Now it's over, we can step back and take a detailed look at how such an insane case even came to trial. This feature delves deep into the the Twitter Joke Trial: how it happened, what it means, and the epic struggle to balance civility and civil liberties.

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