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Comment Knowledge (Score 5, Interesting) 197

It's all about knowledge. The technical talks are rarely, if ever worth attending. Let's face it, now one is going to give out trade secrets in those things. At best, they are a minor muse towards how you could do something. The real benefits in conferences is seeing things you didn't know existed. Do you need a 10+2 1/10G ethernet, mil-rugged, layer 3 switch in a forum factor the size off your fist? If you do, then hell knowing the right company is the difference between a project going bust and making it. Conferences are about sharing knowledge of the technology that exists that you don't know about, not about saving costs on commodity items. No one is going to go to a conference and say "zomg, I just saved my company 50% on the price of steel!".

Comment Supply changed (Score -1) 296

One of the things about bitcoin that people forget is not all of the money is in circulation. When bitcoin passes major thresholds and makes news, people go find their old wallets they forgot about and the amount of money in circulation suddenly changes and the change results in a drop in price.

Comment Re:Opera is NOT sane. (Score 4, Informative) 766

I disagree, when reopening the entire browser it is a perfectly legitimate use case to go back exactly where you were. Opera has long had the feature to tell the browser to automatically reload a page every X seconds, Minutes, or hours. So if you're use case is you need to constantly need updates on the current thing being hosted, Opera already does what you want. Now, perhaps there is a misunderstanding of what the summary is talking about in terms of reopening a tab. This is only occurs when you reopen a group of saved tabs (generally from the last time you closed it). This does not occur if you simply type an address, click a bookmark, or any other "normal" method of opening a link.

Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 126

I've got a 32" 4K monitor on my desk. At the viewing distance on a desk, it's probably relatively larger than a 75" TV is at normal couch viewing differences. If you've got even a 24" monitor, you should be able to notice the difference. Now 4K on a 13" screen on a laptop, I'm not sure I see the point.

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