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Comment Re:I've been doing this for years (Score 1) 299

You've obviously never driven around here. I don't believe there's a timed light in the state, they're all on that cursed induction loop (or seemingly random) so looking ahead has no predictive power whatsoever. It does enable you to more thoroughly cuss out the driver arriving at the cross street JUST in time to turn the light red for your arrival.

At least it is a small state, and not the one my handle implies...

Comment Re:Cold weather (Score 1) 572

But what about the catalytic converter -- that has to be hot before it does anything and I don't think that 30 seconds of running gets it anywhere near hot enough.

But the catalytic converter isn't warm while your warming up, is it? (if it is, why exactly are you warming up?) So it's not doing anything then, right? Might as well be driving - the nominal additional pollutants resulting from higher (driving) RPM on the engine are more than compensated for by getting there sooner and shutting the engine off, when it doesn't put out much bad stuff at all...

Comment Re:How egalitarian (Score 1) 198

If you REALLY believe that "Governments by definition are in service to the public" then you haven't looked closely, or even not that closely, at many actual governments lately. Or ever.

A government's first duty is to remain in power. This most certainly includes the government of the USA. If performing that duty tramples on the public, so be it, as our current administration appears to believe in spades. Some of them have hidden it better.

No, it's not the way it SHOULD be. It is the way it is. Recognize it, deal with it...


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