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Submission + - SPAM: Storage Tank World- The Big Business

Greenplantlimited writes: Storage tanks are widely used in the industries in order to store fluids. As we all have an idea that that any kind of fluid cannot be stored for a longer period in any container other than the fuel storage tank, tanks actually needs to follow all the safety requirements, global standards and stringent safety requirements.
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Submission + - SPAM: BJP, missing Atal ji

ZeeNews writes: ATAL BEHARI VAJPAYEE, former Prime Minister and the only BJP leader India loved and cherished remains an enigma. Perhaps the mystery contributing to the enduring fascination; yet, today the witty poet has no words for the party he created.

The man who could make any debate sparkle with witty asides such as when asked in Parliament “Atalji aap atal rahiye”, smiled and said, “Atal toh hoon lekin bhooliye mat, Bihari bhi hoon.” And who went to a RSS shakha wearing his customary dhoti and chortled at the sea of Khakhi shorts and said, “Pehle kyun nahi bataya, mein bhi pehen leta” (why did you not tell me before, I would also have worn shorts) thereby further underlining the difference between him — a political leader and the RSS. He today watches, eight months after the RSS took complete and formal control of the BJP with Nitin Gadkari, a provincial leader with no national exposure.

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Submission + - Social network of the future, no kidding ;) (vk.com)

mik3l writes: Hi, friends;) This post is dedicated to growing and promising Social Network. Best known in the CIS countries and takes a leading place in the number of registered users and daily on-line in a few tens of millions of users, it remains little known in foreign countries, particularly America. Vkontakte, social network unites in itself a great variety of services, including free mp3 tracks, versatile video, gifts, surprises his friends, playing inside a social network, offers, free applications enhance and increase opportunities and interest from the use of social networking site are hundreds of times and this is not the entire list of possibilities, of course not counting the standard functions — personal page editable to suit all tastes, send messages and search for new interesting people on a variety of interests, place of residence, educational institution, etc. Until that time Vkontakte was available mainly in Russian, but from October 1 social network begins with strong steps to seize the country near and far abroad and this is not surprising when it is functional, which may even exceed all liked Facebook.com and Myspace.com. Briefly, the network is worth at least that would give her at least 15 minutes of your time and evaluate its potential, good luck;) Join us and you — http://vk.com/reg7384144

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