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Comment Re:Is this Wikileaks day? (Score -1, Offtopic) 810

Since you're a staunch advocate of our Constitution, I assume you understand that the "Separation of Church and State" does NOT preclude the use of prayer in government buildings, court sessions, government texts, football games, etc, etc, right? All that clause means, and was designed to mean, was that the GOVERNMENT could NOT form a national church (like the Church of England) and push all religious folks to it... It's too bad all the liberal idiots of the country think otherwise.

Comment Re:US Citizens - Contact Your Representatives (Score 1) 810

Funny - I flew a couple of times last week. I didn't get groped, or scanned where they could look at my pictures. Went through 2 airports that had the full-body scanners going. My carryon stuff weht through XRay as normal, I went through a metal detector as normal, no muss, no fuss. Tho I agree that we should have security like in Israel...but I bet people like you wouldn't like that either. @qQuigs: all governments do those type of things, even yours (if you're not in the US). If you believe otherwise, you're more naive than Assange

Comment This may sound silly... (Score 1) 293

But, why don't browsers automatically detect when an addon has been installed from a non-approved way (i.e. through the browser's own plugin install system), disable it at app start, and prompt the user on what to do with it? Would seem a much easier, and better use, of resources, than complaining about people who take advantage of your broken system.

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