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Comment Re:Torrent? (Score 1) 113

Aside from that, I have already bought the game four times. Softporn Adventure, the original, the VGA remake and in the compilation "Larry's Greatest Hits & Misses". I just finished torrenting the remake because I'm not paying for the same game a fifth time.

Of course you don't care about the artist time that created gorgeous scenes, developers time, rewriting of the feedback text and everything else that comes with building a game like this. You obviously have no clue what developing a game entails.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 378

There's one thing that they can do to Thunderbird that will make it brilliant. Everybody, or most people use rules on their accounts, right ? File all relavent emails into the relavent folders so your inbox isn't a mishmash of rubbish & gold? I tried putting in a request for a feature to have an automatic rule handler, where ctrl-dragging an email into a folder can automatically setup or add to a rule for that email address (with a little bit of clicking through some of the prerequisites). I think quick rule-handling would be an awesome upgrade. Unfortunately my request only got so much attention, and this feature that I've been hoping for for years is obviously now not going to become a reality any time soon :-(

Comment Re:Hopefully... (Score 1) 612

"We shouldn't be afraid for anyone to look at our "dirty laundry" because there shouldn't be any. " With that implication, every email you ever send you should write with such scrutiny that you believe the whole world is watching your every comment. Then there's taking something out of context and people will never know, that "clean laundry" that you think of could turn into a war pretty easily...

Comment Re:Hopefully... (Score 2, Insightful) 612

If he has charges against him, then he should go and fight those charges in court. What you're saying are things that can be used in his *defense*. He should brave it up and go and do what is just. That he is trying to run away from the whole thing screams of guilt, imagine what it'll do to all his fans if he does get accused of rape in the courts, this has nothing to do with a US extradition as many are claiming. The charges against Assange do show something about his moral values, justice is needed.

Comment Re:Assange should shut up and go to Sweden (Score 1) 612

Agreed, he will be arrested as soon as he leaves the Ecuador embassy. Ecuador will have to agree to grant asylum to somebody that has rape charges against them, as well. Probably not as easy-cut a decision as some people think, I predict they may deny him asylum until he's dealt with his Swedish issue.

Submission + - Light speed: Flying into fantasy (

An anonymous reader writes: Physicists at Cern and a lab in Italy have recently come up with some peculiar results — neutrino's from the Cern lab sent to the Gran Sasso lab in Italy have arrived faster than expected.

Everything has been done to check the accuracy, and they have not yet found fault. Now the physicists wait for other labs to reproduce these findings. This finding could lead to a whole new chapter in physics.

Comment Re:A concept (Score 1) 164

I would imagine so , however it'd be quite fun to see this advance...... There is a lot of fun things you can do with the hive mind and to see it in action is just great.....

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