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Comment Ideal Ratio (Score 1) 87

Quality over quantity, please! It's already enough work separating the wheat from the chaff without publishers working to multiply their daily output in a bid to spoof search algorithms.

1440 pieces of content in one day is ridiculous, nobody has time to read even 1% of that unless you exclusively read the Washington Post.

Comment Re:KZ is the 8th largest country, never hear about (Score 3, Interesting) 23

It's true, Kazakhstan is all too often overlooked in world affairs but they are an up 'n comer in terms of resources and energy. I only hope they won't fall prey to the 'resource curse' like so many other developing nations with abundant natural resources. The people of Kazakhstan also proudly fly what is IMO the coolest national flag.

I am travelling to Astana next year for the World Expo 2017 (aka World's Fair), I think maybe more people will sit up and pay attention to Kazakhstan when that happens. The theme will be 'Future Energy' with a heavy focus on renewables. I expect a few stories to appear on /. during the event showcasing the latest innovations in that technology space.

Comment Quality over Quantity (Score 2) 110

Sadly I think the quality of discussion on Slashdot regarding the intelligence community and abuse of government power has been steadily declining since the original Snowden revelations two and a half years ago. I'm not sure why that is, but the impression I get is that many of us both inside and outside the North American information technology community are just sitting and watching/waiting for 1984.

Comment Re: Obama's space policy (Score 1) 93

Mate, I think you miss the point of exploration. I for one hope they find the money to fund this effort sooner rather than later, I've not yet seen a man set foot on the moon in my lifetime (born in 1990) and be it the Russians or the Chinese I don't particularly care. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Comment Re:Well d'oh! (Score 1) 109

The sarin/taurin rockets, mustard shells - they're real. And horrifying. But 'WMD' ? I know many chemical weapons fall under the 'wmd' umbrella but without a sophisticated delivery system like modern ballistic missiles they don't represent such a threat. I'm sure you yourself can attest that the gas was stored with, and intended to be used with, very rudimentary rocket systems featuring limited ranges. Those rockets and deadly gas cache's would never be used as a casus belli to justify an invasion, and yet...that's what happened. Kind of. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that you're both right, from a certain point of view. There weren't really WMD in Iraq the likes of what Colin Powell dreampt up in his worst anthrax-laden nightmares - but there were chemical weapons all the same, and they are technically classified as WMD even if Saddam lacked the capabilities to fully deploy them.

Comment Goodluck Kim (Score 5, Insightful) 98

Soon he'll be off to the USA, to disappear within the US federal justice system on trumped up charges of breaking the law in a country he's never set foot inside of. A warning to the wise, just like it was with the British Empire, break our laws and we will find you no matter where on the globe you reside. USA Law is universal apparently.

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