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Comment Getting Close to Provable Constitutional Violation (Score 1) 113

Purposeful, nonconsensual, warrantless, bit manipulation of a private computer, located inside a home (or other constitutionally protected zone of privacy) within the United States is very likely a clear civil rights violation.

Should this become provable, the NSA won't be able to stay out of Federal Court.

I would like to trust the NSA (I really would), but J. Edgar Hoover.

Fool me once....

Comment The Four Best Arguments Against Backdoors (Score 4, Interesting) 247

(1) Aldrich Ames;
(2) Kim Philby;
(3) J. Edgar Hoover; and
(4) the State of Alabama (NAACP v. Button).

Sooner or later the Supreme Court is going to revisit the Fourth Amendment as it relates to wireless communications. Perhaps the feds are trying to shape the course of public opinion in this regard.

Comment In plain language.... (Score 1) 556

Please submit all your sensitive conversations, including sensitive political conversations, to the Department of Privacy. The Department will guarantee your privacy unless subsequently directed otherwise by statute, or court of competent jurisdiction, or lawful executive order. Please be advised that the Government will not be liable for any unauthorized discharge of escrowed private information.

Comment Two Strategies in Play (Score 0) 676

(1) Provoke attacks against Muslims. This will ensure support. If you get the US to butcher enough innocent families in their "war on terror," you will necessarily get more money and more adherents. If you can provoke a hateful response against Muslims in the United States you are really kicking ass.
(2) Be as asymmetric as possible. Inflict terror as cheaply as possible. If you spend ten thousand dollars, you can be certain that the United States will spend ten million in response. The United States is very stupid that way. The United States makes the Russian experience in Afghanistan look brilliant.


Comment We absolutely should not do nuclear at this time. (Score 1) 366

Fukushima is an outrageous mess. Years on, it is still spewing radioactive matter into the environment. The human costs are catastrophic, and continue to be catastrophic.

The nuclear apologists attempt to excuse Fukushima away, but they can't. Give me a break. Where the is Diablo Canyon located?

Only a private power company is going to do nuclear in the US, given the Republican Party's hatred of public power. And the Republican Party HATES regulation. Even the numbest-nutted Ayn Rand ideologue can see where this is going.

Corporations are ideal organizations for creating a huge catastrophe, then folding--leaving the equity (and realized profits) of their investors untouched and all their victims left holding the bag.

We cannot do nuclear without massive public oversight, including highly-policed and sufficient sureties. We cannot have massive public oversight in the current political environment--it is just unrealistic.

We can talk later, maybe when the insane Republican Party comes back down to Earth.

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