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Comment Re:In the US the people running the organization (Score 1) 389

If they remove the requirement that you must break the law, then it is probably legal as a type of insurance. For example, there exists in the US insurance for speeding, expired tags, etc. that will pay your fine. You just have to phrase it as "if you forgot and broke the law accidentally, we will cover your ticket".

Comment Re:Movie Quality (Score 1) 865

Not sure you should have picked 30 years ago. Here is a list of movies from 1981:

Body Heat
The Cannonball run
Escape from new york
The Evil Dead
Fort Apache, the bronx
The Fox and the Hound
History of the World, Part I
Mommie Dearest
On Golden Pond
The Postman always rings twice
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Some of them you may not like due to subject matter or whatever, but many of these are considered classics (or at least cult classics).

Of course, you also got movies from 1981 like Condorman and Pirahna 2, The Spawning, but it seems like the ratio of good movies to sucky movies were better.

Comment Re:Homemade Job? (Score 1) 232

You know, if I was hired to run a convoy of supply trucks near a war zone, dropping a thousand dollars on a cheap UAV plus operator in the front cab seems like a wise investment. He could keep an eye out for ambushes, someone setting up IEDs, or even road problems that might delay us. I might even be able to expense it, depending on the contract.

Comment Re:Easy way to control this (Score 1) 311

Pass laws that any creature with human DNA is human and has the same rights as any other human. Have the law make those who create such creatures be financially responsible for them until such time as they can be demonstrated to be able to care for themselves.

And he who breaks the law shall be punished back to the house of pain!

Comment Re:Quick quiz (Score 2, Funny) 222

Ah, but the volume of an object increases as a cube, so if we increase the sphere so that the increase in the radius is 3, that would increase the volume by 27. Since we want to have a surface gravity similar to earth, that would mean the density of the planet to be about 2.04. (mass increases by 10, volume increases by 27, density of the earth is approximately 5.52)

Interestingly, that is very close to the range of the bone density of many animals, so the answer is obvious. We need to find the skeletal remains of a spherical space whale that is 3 times the size of the earth, and immigrate there.

Of course, with my luck, it would already be inhabited and I would be put to work in the calcium mines.

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