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Comment Re:A movie comes to mind. (Score 1) 274

yeah, no. Not every Wireless Phase 2 complaint phone will compute GPS coordinates fast enough for a quick 911 hangup. On silent calls, a "re-transmit" command can be used to see if coords are available. But the point is moot if agency policy, like mine, is to close out cellular 911 hangups or silent calls and to only attempt call backs. Cell phones, being mobile, are infeasible to track down as opposed to landlines. In the event of a traffic accident, most likely unless you are in the middle of nowhere and the person you hit is dead, there will be several other people with cell phones just eager to provide shoddy information about what they witnessed, but unwilling to assist on.

Comment Re:As an engineer... (Score 2, Informative) 270

A place to look?? Let me tell you, when I had a throttle body issue that wouldn't let the engine idle less that 1000rpm (where 800 is spec) causing the O2 sensor to go crazy and throw a code. ODBII shows O2 sensor code, mechanic replaces it and viola!! Except when I get it home and it stalls out with the same symptom. Mechanic says bring it in, ODBII says O2, mechanic replaces it, wipes his hands of it and repeat. It wasn't until the throttle linkage comes apart at highway speeds that the problem was found and fixed. No stinkin' O2 sensor, it was a throttle body issue that a old timer mechanic discovered while reattaching the linkage and didn't even bother with the diagnostics computer. So Excelcia is spot on, most mechanics aren't even mechanics anymore, they like foreign tech support that reads solutions from a symptom/code flow chart and follows it religiously.

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