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Comment Beware of comments (Score 1) 898

Back in the day (tm) my girlfriend was developing semi-custom business aps on minicomputers. Good programming practice was being followed and there was a text file used to parse error codes to actual human readable messages. The text file could be swapped out at will, and great fun was had by all by writing things like "This error occurred because that great wanker (insert customer buyer name here) insisted we add this f-ed up feature that will never work!". Much hilarity of this nature insued. The day the said wanker came in for the demo, they very carefully backed out the bogus error text file and put in the legit one. They even tested to make sure everything was a go. I'm sure you see where this is going. During the demo, some last minute changes blew up and while they took the guy out to lunch, showed them pictures of the new kids, did whatever they could to keep him busy while they restored to the last known working condition, which, as they were wont to forget in the panicked atmosphere, had the bogus error messages. After the restore, wanker says, "but what would happen if I did this" does something wanker-like with the keyboard and POP! Up comes the "hilarious" message.

They say intelligence is learning from your mistakes and wisdom is learning from others. Since that day I have never, ever put anything in any code that I wouldn't want anyone in the world reading....

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