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Comment Dose not matter (Score 1) 254

How many people go on a shooting rampage play a lot of violent video games compared to those who don't? Even then, the number that do are so small that you can't blame video games.

The best way to stop what happened in Colorado is to 1. harsh punishment, painful and fast instead of waiting 30 years in jail before actually killing him. and 2. More open Gun laws, if a few people had guns in that theater, he could have been stopped before the death count got that high. More gun laws will mean only the criminal will have guns, and he feels safer to go on a rampage.

Comment Re:If it's a tax then everyone should pay it (Score 1) 2416

The only federal tax is the tax on income. (and money to make on a job, or money given to you, you get taxed). And that took a constitutional amendment. Every other Federal tax is optional, like gas and to get onto a federal park. With this ruling, it gives the power to government to tax everyone for something they do, or for not doing anything. They could now tax people for playing video games on the basis that its harmful to you.

In one stroke, John Roberts will be remembered as the Justice that took freedom away from the people and gave it to the government. It guarantees a Romney victory and maybe a repeal next year, but the damage is done with the ruling. The democrats can now put a tax on anything.

Not to mention the trillions of dollars this Obamacare is going to cost the country. 2 trillion in the next 8 years.

Comment Re:Same reason as before... (Score 1) 530

As long as you don't mind settling for 8 year old graphics that can not improve. All a console dose it set the graphics low enough so it will run smoothly, whereas on a PC you have to manually lower graphics to where it will run smooth, but will still look better then on a console. And other then select titles (i.e crysis) you really only need to upgrade graphic card every 2-3 years.

Some people don't mind playing with 8 year old graphics though. This is why I only buy party games for my consoles.

Comment Re:No one sees... (Score 1) 397

The "man made global warming" people are in it for money and power. While the rest of us know its all bogus after hearing all the bogus reports. The sea levels have not changed, ice at the poles are not melting (melt in one area, grows in another). Its hard to listen to the global warming people when most of what they say is found out to be false.

Comment yea right (Score 1) 320

People would waist that money elsewhere if not on these things. Whether you save or spend is a mindset. Some (most I guess) will see something that interest them, and buy it without a second thought. Others will see something that interest them and think if it is worth the cost.

Comment Re:When people abuse prices go up (Score 1) 503

It not going to because a company want to hide defects in products from the store. Nearly all furniture have the "call manufacturer, do not bring back to store" because if consumer brings it back to the store, the manufacture takes most of the loss (the store takes some). Nothing store can do except throw it away, whereas if consumer calls company, it can send a replacement part. No big name (or store name) company will intentionally sell product that they know is defective. Unlike what a lot of people think, companies are not evil. It is simply cheaper for the company.

I have not heard of any consumer say "This is last time I'm coming here because this brand is bad". They always say "This brand never works, show me something else."

Best buy should keep track of S/N so when someone returns an electronic, they can check if its the same one. Or electronics will be tested if they work, and if they do, charge a restocking fee. I work all the returns at the store I work (not a best buy), a lot of phones and printers get returned simply because they don't know how to work them.

Comment Fail to see... (Score 1) 146

I fail to see where they reward failure. Even if idea is not excepted, that just means it more work to make it a good idea. Put it into the ideapool for the company, and maybe someone will come up with something different that will work. Your not rewarded for failure, your rewarded for trying. Its not the government, where your rewarded for not doing anything.

Comment Need subsity? (Score 1) 533

"With the cost of gas and oil on its way up it's a wonder that any one would be against the use of renewable energy sources."

Considering it STILL needs subsidies for people to build them, it is safe to assume it is still more expensive then other choices. The point behind subsidies is to encourage people to do something they would otherwise NOT want to do. And if people have to be paid to do one thing, instead of something else, it is not worth doing.

I am surprised Canada can't lower their gas prices, do they have a leader that stops all oil drilling he possible can and builds no oil refineries?

Comment Close to what a business might do... (Score 1) 76

This is certainly not an idea of Obama himself, this is very close to a business idea. And as we all know, he has no business experience and actively trying to destroy businesses. I frankly don't understand why people would want to donate every time some hyped up situation comes up. I guess this why democrats make stories up like republican "war on women". It never existed, but I'm sure they tricked a lot of donors that is was real to get some money from them.

Comment Re:almighty dollar (Score 1) 969

"So we simply have to face the facts that capitalism is coming to an end and look ahead to a replacement" Yea, lets government run everything, and everybody can live with free money from government. This is not a problem with capitalism, its a problem with government. Can't get jobs back till we get rid of the guy blocking jobs, Obama. We are heading toward being like Europe, where many people never have to work a day in their life (and have the USA to pay for it). Only problem is, we got no one else to give us free money.

If people hate working over 40 hours, maybe you should quit and get a new job. Personally, I love working over 40

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