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Comment Re:Plan cuts spending - not an attack on science (Score 1) 2247

I'm not saying science funding would be unaffected with the cuts to the department. I pointed out in addition to the listed ~$12 billion cuts to research funding, there's more than $500 billion of tax cuts going to all sorts of companies already providing their own research funding to universities. While I was in graduate school, I saw plenty of research/papers backed by Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft, etc., and with Ron Paul's plan, those companies would have more money to do research. This also avoids the situation of tax money collected from one company, say Apple, being given to its competitor, say Microsoft, to do research that benefits the competitor.

Comment Plan cuts spending - not an attack on science (Score 2) 2247

The overall goal of the plan is to cut spending, and the majority of that is through ending wars ($800 billion over a term). The plan also cuts these departments that happen to provide some science funding, but the goal is *not* targeting science; otherwise, he would have cut NSF and NASA. Ron Paul knows that when the federal government stops doing something, e.g., science funding, the private sector (businesses and non-profits) will fill in -- most likely doing a better job than going through federal bureaucracy. The plan also includes over $500 billion of tax cuts in addition to the $1 trillion cut from spending. These tax cuts will fund the science research without penalizing good companies that get taxed to pay for bad companies that happened to hire the right lobbyists.

Comment Re:Awesome bar disable? (Score 1) 385

The Smart Location Bar searches your history and bookmarks, so even if you clear your history, it can still search your bookmarks. So the reason why your location bar is still showing your porn sites even after clearing history is because you've got them bookmarked. In Firefox 3.1, you can change a preference to default search only your *visited* history (and not your unvisited bookmarks). http://ed.agadak.net/2008/07/firefox-31-restricts-matches-keywords

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