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Submission + - A bitcoin mining operation in rural China (imgur.com)

JurgenZoo writes: A photo reportage from a Bitcoin mining operation in deep rural China, just near an hydroelectric dam. The facility has his own dedicated powerstation, absorb all the electricity generated by the dam, and have to buy some more! Impressive stuff.

Comment Not in your car but a new car. (Score 1) 293

No Apple fan here, but... What if Apple would presents something like the Renault Twizy? Using the Apple's "cool factor" to promote a new kind of mobility could be an interesting phenomenon. A small, light, electric quasi-car, that could me more than enough for a lot of commuters. But I thought about this with Jobs at the helm; now with Tim Cook - or, anyone else non-Jobs - I think it will be even more improbable than before. Just saying.

Comment I call BS! (Score 2) 633

People just need to learn to drive efficiently, if they want to consume less. You can't expect to just buy a Prius, drive like a mad man and burn like the EPA numbers. But, if you drive with a grain of salt, you CAN even exceed EPA numbers. A lot of hybrid drivers do that. In addition EPA numbers are just the results for a standardized set of tests, with some additional corrective factors. Depending on where you live, how's your commute, etc., you situation may approach more or less that scenario.

Comment Try Twin - and old DOS diskcopier from 1994 (Score 1) 375

Check this out (it's free, of course): http://mark0.net/soft-twin-e.html I made it 17 years ago, and it would be nice to know it's still useful to someone! :) It case of error, it retries some times to read the sector; if it keep trowing errors, it continue nonetheless, and create a disk image with all that was possible to read.

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